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new feed

  1. M


    I am a new provider! I have tried everything to make the sound better on my feed. How do i make it better? I am using my laptop to broadcast. How do i make it better. Please help asap. I feel so bad for it being crappy.
  2. B

    New NYPD Feeds

    Hi, Just wanted to let y'all know about two new NYPD feeds I started streaming today: NYPD Brooklyn - 72nd, 76th, and 78th Pcts Live Scanner Audio Feed and NYPD Brooklyn - 66th and 70th Pcts Live Scanner Audio Feed These five precincts cover a sizable chunk of west and southwest Brooklyn...
  3. rasputen246

    NEW FEED ~ Murfreesboro PD + Fire Dispatch

    It's here! I am proud to provide the MPD + Fire feed for Murfreesboro,TN. Murfreesboro Police and Fire Dispatch Live Scanner Audio Feed MPD Dispatch 460.375 WSB879 *Priority channel M'boro FD Main 154.98000 KNDZ235 No TAC or private channels! RS PRO 43 scanner. RX from Barfield,TN S.Ruth...
  4. rasputen246

    New Feed UP: Rutherford County Sheriff Dispatch

    Well, I gave up 1 old scanner (RS Pro 43) and dedicated it to 460.2000 Rutherford County Sheriff Dispatch. Now that I think of it, I get to keep the scanner and I can hear it anywhere I can get an internet connection. Pretty cool and pretty easy. So here ya go, the new feed on the block. Hope it...