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new hampshire

  1. X

    Motorola XTS UHF Help

    I currently operate a VHF XTS 5000 Model 2 in New Hampshire where I spend a lot of time however, I spend most of my time in Metro-Boston Mass. And I'm stuck with a real crappy baofeng radio. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find a 450-512 split 2500 or 5000 for cheap. In addition...
  2. NFR85

    Need Assistance Picking right Antenna

    I need some help picking the right Antenna for me. I live in Nashua,NH and I would like to be able to pick up Lakes regions NH IE Laconia. I know its probably expensive for that. I'm using a BCD996Xt. And if i can get down towards Boston Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm new on this...
  3. NFR85

    Derry NH Fire Freq?

    I looked and it says Link heard on SWNH.org, its 458.6000. I hear Derry FD dispatch on 154.1300 and then I hear them on this 458.6000. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. NFR85

    Nashua AMR Freq

    I was wondering if anyone could help me. AMR will be taking over Rockingham Ambulance and Nashua Fire Alarm dispatches out Rockingham. I'm not sure if they will be doing the same for AMR for Nashua. If they don't can anyone tell me what frequency they may use? Thank You
  5. Sinister

    NH Scanner Programming files

    I have created this thread for members who wish to share their programming files with other board members. When posting your file please use the advanced posting option to ensure that you can list the following in your Thread Title: Scanner/Software/Description With the description being what...
  6. E


    Does anyone know when Nashua will reband. If there is any way to find out when before it actually happens I would love to know. I just don't want to realize one day that they suddenly switched frequencies, if possible I want to be prepared for it.