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new hanover

  1. L

    Carolina Beach/Kure Beach Talkgourps

    Can anyone confirm reception of Carolina Beach or Kure Beach on the New Hanover County System? I was at Carolina Beach last May, and I could receive Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach, UNCW and Pleasure Island. I had all the Carolina and Kure Beach talkgroups loaded, but I did not get a single...
  2. U

    Newbie Need Help

    Hi I have a basic uniden bc355c and I programmed the frequencies from the frequencies page listed here for Pender County and New Hanover...I can pick up dispatch clearly no trouble but I can not here the units...is this an antenna issue or do I need to do something else to get the units...
  3. nc28478

    needed arc500 files for new hanover,pender and duplin ugggh

    class a newbie in need of arc500 files for pro 106 new hanover and wilmington are mind blowing ????????????????????????????????????????????? i live in pender and know duplin any help is appreciated from the masters of the scanner elite...................:confused:
  4. nc28478

    can someone explain wilmington nc and new hanover county?

    can someone explain Wilmington NC and New Hanover county? are they viper? p25 or public safety? or combo?????? also what talk groups go where?:roll: sorry for such a basic question? thanks in advance
  5. nc28478

    newbie : where can i find ?

    first i want to say ~I L.O.V.E. THIS SITE followed for years and it is a must have for a pro 106 where can i find 10 codes or whatever i need to interpret my locals: 1. pender county 2. wilmington 3. new hanover county 4. burgaw 5. duplin 6. shp 7.wallace current scanners: pro 106 pro-2051...