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new haven

  1. D

    deciphering some new haven PD codes

    Hi, I am pretty new so thanks in advance for your patience. I am trying to decipher some code talk from some recent New Haven PD dispatch. NHPD officers were dispatched to a home. Among the info conveyed by the dispatcher was something that sounded like "code 3 looks like signaling at that...
  2. B

    Is anyone else having problem w/ NH Med 10?

    I cannot hear anything in the City of New Haven either on the Broadcastify Cmed or my own scanner. MY son who works at AMR says there are repeater problems but this has been weeks. Anyone?
  3. J

    Illegal Broadcast on 155.760MHz in New Haven

    Ok so I'm finally fed up enough to post this. I drive through New Haven on my way home from school every night, usually somewhat late. My radios are usually on. One night about 2 weeks ago, I was on my way home, heading up Whalley ave out of the city, and heard something quite strange. Near...