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new york city

  1. B

    Listening to nysp on a scanner please help me

    Idk WTF is wrong with my scanner! Yes i have a P25 Phase 1&2 capable scanner. I can't seem to get a goddamn PEEP out of it from the NYS Metro-25 system. Not even from the MTA PD talkgroups or NYC Sheriffs. I've tried many combos of setup in the EZScan programmig software (i have a PSR-800)...
  2. P

    Looking to ham radio enthusiasts for a video

    Hi, I'm a journalist based in Brooklyn, and I want to make a video and an audio piece about ham radios. I need a volunteer who will tell me the basics of radio, what draws him/her to it, and show me their set-up, including their antenna--all on film. Anybody in the city willing to help out? If...
  3. U

    Multiple NYPD SSD 10-13s today!!!

    So today (12/16/14), I was listening to School Safety Citywide 1 and I heard 5 10-13s/10-85s come over at different schools in different boroughs. Most of the 13s/85s were in regards to multiple 10-52s or 10-34s going on at that location. The worst one that I heard was at Leadership H.S. in...
  4. B

    New NYPD Feeds

    Hi, Just wanted to let y'all know about two new NYPD feeds I started streaming today: NYPD Brooklyn - 72nd, 76th, and 78th Pcts Live Scanner Audio Feed and NYPD Brooklyn - 66th and 70th Pcts Live Scanner Audio Feed These five precincts cover a sizable chunk of west and southwest Brooklyn...
  5. Eastern_Com

    Good Morning from slippery New York!!!

    Hello one and all! I have been on this for the past few months and learned some valuable information. I just recently graduated college and have taken a job at Eastern Communications Ltd. which is located in Long Island City, New York! This is a awesome opportunity to take part in something...