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  1. Tac-1

    Newark two alarm fire

    two alarm house fire in Newark https://youtu.be/i5VQgIaTzYA
  2. Z

    DMR in Northeastern NJ?

    Apologies if this is been asked before I didn't see a specific thread about it. I'm pondering getting a DMR radio and I live in Maplewood, not far from Newark. I was wondering if there are any DMR repeaters near me that would be easily reachable with a handheld unit. I see several repeaters...
  3. J

    BCD536HP: Newark FD - Unable to listen

    Any tricks to listening to Newark FD? I know they are on NJ PSIC network. Can't get them on my scanner for some reason.
  4. S

    Union City/Hayward/Fremont Fire

    Ive been trying to find out how to listen to union city, Fremont and Newark fire departments, but I haven't had much luck finding out if they use alameda county fire talk groups and if so which ones or if the have the own and if so where can I them cuz I don't see them on radio reference.
  5. N2SCV

    Newark Tower 127.850

    127.850 is very active lately as Newark Tower for helicopters, not listed in RR at EWR, only ACY . Airnav.com lists it as this: CLASS B: 127.85(WITHIN 6.5 NM ARE TWR CONTROL 257.6(WITHIN 6.5 NM ARE TWR CONTROLL (sic).
  6. N2SCV

    Pilot requests different runway

    Last night listening to Newark Tower a Continental flight was cleared to land on 22R; co-pilot? says " Is 22L or 29 available?" Tower asks why. Co-pilot says "My partner requests it". They were cleared to land 29. Can someone explain why they asked for another runway and does it happen often? Tnx.
  7. joshua86

    Newark PD Codes

    Does anyone know where I can find a list of Newark PD radio codes and signals?