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  1. Joseph11

    Ocean County NJSP Talkgroups

    I'm looking for clarification on which NJSP talkgroups cover Ocean County, specifically the Toms River/Berkeley/Lacey areas (GSP exits 83-74). I'm assuming C3-04 (36592) and C6-11 (26960). Can anyone confirm these? Are there any additional? Thanks!
  2. C

    NJSP Trunked

    Hey All good evening, I was wondering Using the Arc15 for my BCT15 and programming NJSP Trunked via Radio Reference Do I need to upload all 16 sites ?
  3. K

    NJSP using new "ghost car".

    A news article about the NJSP's new "ghost car". A black Chevy Impala that has the dark grey NJSP markings on it. It makes it very difficult for drivers who have the bad habit of committing moving violations to see it :) New Jersey State Police introduce new ghost car - FOX 10 News |...
  4. T

    Trunked Systems - FreeScan / bc346xt

    Hello Forum, I tried to search and find an answer, but I'm afraid I'm a bit overwhelmed with the terminology used and the acronyms. It's like trying to read another language for me, I just don't have the experience with this hobby yet. I was hoping someone could maybe help me out or point me...
  5. 9

    Best aproach to programming NJSP?

    Trying to get back in to scanning again and doing some reprogramming and am a little confused how the NJSP system is set up these days...hopefully someone here can help... I have a 246 that I want to be able to use all over the place, previously I had the 3 seperate systems programmed with...
  6. Septa3371CSX1

    Merging NJSP Database Entries Into 1

    I don't know if this has come up before or not but if it has forgive me for bringing it back up in a new topic. Anyways, I'm offering a suggestion with a poll on whether or not the three NJSP Trunk System DB entries should be combined into one. The main reason I ask is because all three...