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no signal

  1. K

    Uniden BCT15X Problem

    Hello everyone, I recently just purchase 2 used BCT15X scanners and I'm having a problem with both of them. I can program in the systems I want to monitor no problem with free scan but when I actually go to listen to them on the scanner I receive nothig, no signal bars and NFM is constantly...
  2. O

    No Signal unless I hit the Function Button

    This is really odd. I have been scanning for years. But have not updated to a new scanner in a while. I decided on the 436HP. About 3 weeks after getting it I had to send it in because I broke the antenna off when I dropped it. Uniden repaired it and sent it back but I have been having the most...
  3. marksroberson

    PRO510XL Antenna Problem

    I have a PRO510XL on my desk here running off a Pryamid PS-3KX (13.8 Volts, 3 amp constant- just for listening on 19) and a Wilson Little Wil on the Air conditioning unit outside the window. It worked great until a few weeks ago when the antenna got bent, so I moved it to another location on the...
  4. scanphreak

    DSD picking up audio when no signal present

    I have a strange thing going on recently and I haven't been able to pinpoint exactly what's going on. Lately while decoding a local 800mhz P25 system DSD will start to attempt to decode audio and partial words will come through. Only thing is the scanner is in SCAN when this happens. It's not...