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no sound

  1. S

    DSDplus and audio input failure - please help.

    So, I'm trying to decode trunked radio, but I'm getting the error "audio input device open failed" when starting DSDplus in SDR#, so I could really use some help. First of all, let me tell you about my setup. I'm running Windows 10. My speakers are plugged into the back of my pc, in the onboard...
  2. R

    PSR-800: No audio

    I'm not getting any audio at all on my PSR-800. Either on key presses, open squelch... I did the basic troubleshooting.... checked the earphone jack too, re-flashed the DSP. Again, no beeps on key presses either. The scanner CAN receive, as I see it stopping when my other scanner hears local...
  3. K

    Pro-651: No Audio Sound Pro 651

    Hello. Hopefully someone can help. I just got a Pro-651 scanner from Amazon and I don't hear any sounds at all. No audio on any frequency, no key beeps (yes it is on), no weather WX, no squelch static, nothing at all. I've tried with headphones and get no sound that way either. I'm not sure if...
  4. N

    Newbie - BCD396XT no speaker out

    I have no sound out and brand new to all of this. Manually programmed local frequencies. Scans but no sound. Beeps when doing certain things but never stops and makes noise on a scanned channel. Loaded Freescan, download all in it then uploaded. Still no sound. Broadcastify shows activity. Were...
  5. B

    No voice when stopped on scan

    I recently bought a Pro-106 scanner. I have programmed in the City of Pearland trunk system with CC 851.15. In scanning mode, the scanner will 'hit' on a talk group showing the programmed LED, but there is no sound. All of the conventional frequencies in this scan list work OK (Hobby tower...
  6. D

    Radio Shack PRO-164 no sound issue

    Hello, I've got a weird issue with my PRO-164. I've had the scanner for almost 2 years now and have never had any problems with it. I've listened to trunked systems (Anne Arundel County, MD), conventional (West Mifflin, PA & PA State Police Turnpike). I've even listened to CB's. This thing ran...
  7. C

    I Cant Hear Sound Iscan PRO-107

    The scanner works on certain channels but with specific PD frequencies, I cant hear anything. Ive imported the playlists and several frequencies. I can see the alpha tags, it shows the name of the agency so it should make sound?? I see the signal is receiving and the T is shown but no sound. I...
  8. J

    Pro-107 please help!

    Ok I got the pro-107 for christmas and I'm have been trying to get familiar with it over the past 36 hours but there's one problem... I am listening to a trunked system (palm beach county, Florida) and I am receiving a signal but nothing is coming out of the speakers.. I know the speakers do...
  9. H

    No volume.........

    Hi. I am new but wondering if anyone else is having sound problems with Knoxville. Not sure who to contact to get it fixed. Thanks