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  1. P

    RFI Identification on SDR

    I have attached 3 images of my RFI problem Image 1: Shows the RFI morphing into the alternating signal. This happens every 2.5 min and starts from a constant signal to a stronger signal for 5 sec then into the alternating signal for 5 sec. Image 2: shows spacing of RFI Image 3: What my...
  2. C

    new RTL-SDR Wideband low noise amplifier

    Wondering if anyone has seen the new RTL-SDR Blog Wideband LNA product yet? Seems to have been announced on sept 4th. https://www.rtl-sdr.com/tag/low-noise-amplifier/ Specs show: Frequency range of 50 MHz to 4000 MHz Noise figure = 0.6dB @ 900 MHz OIP3 = 39.5 dBm @ 900 MHz P1...
  3. R

    IDPS Paging Tone/Sound/Noise

    Hey Friends...I hope you can help. I'm just curious more than anything, and learning a lot about my new scanner. It's a Uniden Bearcat BCD996P2, and every now and then I get several paging tones....usually displaying IDPS Paging. I've been locking them out when then happen, but should I be...
  4. SlipNutz15

    APX7000XE noise cancelling option

    I understand the APX7000XE has rather good background noise suppression technology. I recently bought an APX7000XE and would like to enable the noise suppression on my digital channels. I watched this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUxAw55O1rg) on youtube and was fairly impressed. I...
  5. S

    MTS2000 Tx fine but receives only noise

    Hi all you good guys, I have 5 MTS2000 VHF radios. Before I tried to program them, they worked fine. The problem was that I did not have the license to operate them on those channels. So now I have programmed one frequency in. I have cloned all of them. Now when I turn them on I only hear...
  6. C

    My Beverage antenna is NOISY! Why?

    I built a single wire 40Meter Beverage pointed towards the N.E., 1.3 wavelengths long and 10 feet high (above "antler height"), and it is far noisier than my full length 40M dipole that is up 50 feet. I just can't figure out why; I am using a DX Engineering matching transformer that is...
  7. J

    Yaesu: vhf noise

    So I recently installed a new yaesu 2900 and larsen nmo150 antenna in my truck to monitor two meters and some utility frequencies. It seems to work good except on certain frequencies it picks up a lot of noise and on others it doesn't. This radio has a squelch knob which helps eliminate the...
  8. K

    Avoiding Control Channel Data Noise

    I just programmed my PRO-652 and my PRO-96 scanners using the Butel Software with local frequencies. Almost immediately I began hearing what I will call control channel data noise (buzzing sound) and the scanning stops until I scan again - and then it occurs again within a few seconds. I am...
  9. B

    Police Channel Noise

    I'm a new scanner owner (BCD996XT) and have a question regarding issues I'm facing trying to pick up my local police signal. I've configured the scanner using FreeScan and RR import functions for my city/county. I'm able to successfully receive channels for the county sheriff and fire...
  10. R

    Scanner receiving two frequencies at once.

    I have an Icom Scanner with an SJ-118 antenna. It is tuned to 119.75MHz (Monterrey Approach and Departure). If the squelch is open it receives the signal of a local FM radio station (107.7MHz). How do I go about filtering that so I can open the squelch a little more to get what I really what I...
  11. N

    Squelch Tail after analog trunking transmissions

    I loaded up my BCD536 HP using zip code, and it is correctly scanning both the local trunked and conventional systems. There is an annoying squelch tail (1 sec long and LOUD) after analog trunked transmissions. I did not have this problem on the HP-1 or my BCD996/396 series. Is there a menu...
  12. A

    BCD536HP Audio Output Problems

    I am trying to setup a feed but cannot get the audio output on the BCD536HP to work properly. I have tested both audio outputs and have a very annoying whine that comes through the audio. I have posted two sound files that demonstrate the problem. Is there anyone that can post a schematic on...
  13. C

    SDR# (rtl2832) signal noise calibrating to peak signal.

    So, I'm trying to calibrate my NooElec RTL-SDR RTL2832U & R820T for SDSharp, using the stock antenna, which actually gets pretty darned good reception. Problem is, upon calibrating my signal, so it sits center of the peak, I get this high pitch noise. If I readjust the signal so it sits a bit...
  14. KC9WWJ

    Pro-106 DC hum when plugged into pc

    I was just wondering what methods people use to eliminate the ground loop/hum issue when your scanner is plugged into your PC? I am interested in becoming a stream provider, but cant get past this issue... Ive tried a ground loop isolator, but am now out of ideas... any helpful hints/tips???
  15. T

    HT1000 Weird Squelch Noise?

    On a single channel on my older UHF (450-520) HT1000 there's an intermittent noise, similar to the sound of the squelch opening. The noise occurs about once every two seconds, and lasts for about one second. Upon comparing the noise to the actual squelch opening, it sounds softer. The sound does...
  16. R

    LCD Monitor Broadcasts Noise To Radio! Why?

    I don't operate any wireless equipment at my living location. This includes computers, computer equipment, routers, non-computer equipment, etc. I'm having a problem with one of my LCD monitors. It works without problems. That was until I picked up some heavy static noises from a hand held...
  17. S

    Motorola HT1000 receive problem...HELP

    Hello! Ok, so i bought a used ht1000 and it has an issue. I had the first 8 channels programmed to gmrs and the other 8 programmed to local police frequencies to scan. Well, whenever the radio is receiving conversation there is an annoying clicking noise that occurs whenever the red led light on...
  18. D

    XTS5000 and XTS1500 intereference and squelch issues

    Ok guys. I am stumped. I have been through my codeplugs a few dozen times and I can't see anything wrong with them. Here is the problem, We use XTS5000s for Americans and XTS1500s for our TCNs. Both radio sets have issues regarding the unmuting of transmission. Randomly, but often the radios...
  19. KC0FZZ

    Strong Interference in South Metro Areas (Burnsville, Prior Lake)

    I was wondering if there was anyone else who routinely drives in the south metro on 35W in the Burnsville area, right around the Burnsville Parkway and Hwy 13 areas. Any time I've driven those roads lately (*the last 6 months or so) I've picked up very strong interference along both off ramps...
  20. scaninnyc

    USB AUdio adapters

    So I bought some of those USB audio adapters that are all over eBay and I'm disappointed. There is a large amount of noise in them and I don't see how I can use them without getting hate mail from listeners. I tried direct connect and hub with no difference, the audio is terrible. Is anyone...