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  1. frazpo

    PRISM: The NSA leak

    Any thoughts on the NSA leak of classified backdoors into major online accounts. The guy had been missing a month before the leak so I am sure they knew it was coming. So the big question is was it used for the fight on terrorism to keep us safe or political opportunities similar to the IRS scandal.
  2. S

    NSA Utah Data Center Will Have 5 Zettabytes Of Memory, Equal To 312 Billion iPhones

    Facility will have a 3 million gallon water tank just to run the air conditioning to cool the computers. The video - NSA Utah Data Center Will Have 5 Zettabytes Of Memory, Equal To 312 Billion iPhones - YouTube
  3. M

    National Security Agency (NSA) - Utah Data Center

    Another place to keep your eye on for a new trunked radio system. Other new NSA location has been in the 380 band. Like the one at RR DB - San Antonio Data Center in Texas. National Security Agency (NSA) - Utah Data Center # Proposed National Security Agency facility believed to be for...