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  1. jweiss06

    Kenwood NX-200 & NX-700

    Hello, Our department recently purchased NX-200 (portables) and NX-700 (mobiles). I am trying to figuring out the right programming to get the "Emergency" buttons when activated to display on all the other radios so that when one activates it, all others that have the radio on will be able to...
  2. J

    Kenwood NX-200 Programming Failing

    I have a Kenwood NX-200 K that I am attempting to program with the KPG-111D software. When I try to read, write or test mode the radio, I get a message that says "check model and market code". I then clicked on model and made sure it was set to Nx-200 k and made sure the frequency was correct...
  3. C

    password removal help!?

    I have an NX-200 and NX-700. I know there is a way to remove the password on these radios without sending them to kenwood. Any information would be helpfull!!
  4. B

    Kenwood NX200/210/220 series Operator Selectable Tones

    Does anyone here have any experience on how Kenwood's deal with the OST option for the NexEdge portable's? I am curious if the RX tone on channel stays the same (what is programmed into the firmware for that channel) when OST is on and using different TX pl tones. Hope this makes sense.... Thanks!