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  1. J

    Kenwood NX-300 Factory Reset?

    Sorry for first time noob post! I'm just starting in amateur radio and I recently picked up a Kenwood NX-300 from a local auction house fairly cheaply - but it seems to have all the previous owner's settings/channels stored. Just wondering if anyone knows if there is anyway to factory reset...
  2. V

    NX 300 priority scan NXDN while on conventional channel

    Here is what I'm trying to do for a customer with an NX300 radio.... We have a NXDN network that is up and running. The customer will have 1 ID/channel and will use it for emergencies. When not on the NXDN emergency network channel, the radio will be used at different sites talking on...
  3. B

    Kenwood NX200/210/220 series Operator Selectable Tones

    Does anyone here have any experience on how Kenwood's deal with the OST option for the NexEdge portable's? I am curious if the RX tone on channel stays the same (what is programmed into the firmware for that channel) when OST is on and using different TX pl tones. Hope this makes sense.... Thanks!