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  1. E

    Dutchess County/NYCOMCO EDACS

    Will be setting up a scanner tomorrow (Uniden BCT15x) and was curious about the NYCOMCO EDACS system. I am using freescan. I want to listen to City of Poughkeepsie mainly. Do I need to program for the Walker Mtn tower only, or will I need other sites as well in order to listen to other...
  2. C

    BCT15X questin

    I have a uniden BCT15x I want to know how to program the NYCOMCO EDAS (dutchess,orange,ulster) system in I have the AC XT PRO program. also I want to put the east fishkill LTR system in. cant fig out how to do it. ( I don't post on here much I hope I posted in the right spot ) thanks chris
  3. azraphale

    Problems with NYCOMCO EDACS Schunnenunk?

    Now that I've moved to a location where I can pick up the Schunnenunk tower, I've been noticing a problem. I think it may be incorrect LCNs. Often I will get a lock on a talkgroup off the Schunnenunk tower, but the audio will sound like control channel digital data. About one time in ten or...
  4. R

    nycomco programming

    I just got a new Uniden BCD396XT scanner and I have send 22 hrs trying to program it. I wanted to test the unit and hear some of the EDACS off the illinois moutain tower. I have attached a .jpg of the screen shot of the scancat-lite software I used to program the unit. Can anyone see what I...
  5. dpcain

    NYCOMCO EDACS Dutchess question

    Hey guys, a quick question for Dutchess County listeners on the NYCOMCO EDACS system. I've got sites 1, 4, and 5 programmed in my PSR, and I get all the nice stuff that's only on there (Poughkeepsie Town and City, Kingston City, Hyde Park, etc), but I haven't heard anything on TGIDs 447, 453...