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  1. robocop80

    Help with Oakland PD

    Hello All, I have a BCD396T digital handheld scanner that I am trying to use to monitor Oakland PD. I dont live in this area and only visit about once a week so that is the only time I can test the scanner out. Im not new to the scanner world and I know how to program the scanner by hand and...
  2. phintar

    Oakland problems

    I want to monitor Oakland FD, and have it record onto my computer while I am away from my scanner. I know how to do all that and have it all hooked up, but here is my problem. I have Oakland programmed just like RR says to have it programmed, but every once in a while it will make this horrible...
  3. phintar

    Oakland noise...

    Hello all, I have a BC898T. This box cant go digital, but I have Oakland FD on it... I programed it just like I should have and for the most part it works... The problem that I have is that the main dispatch channel seems to just go crazy sometimes... It makes this crazy noise for like an hour...