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  1. W8VFD

    MARCS coverage lacking in Pymatuning State park

    Based on what I saw this past Sunday while assisting in a missing person search in Pymatuning State Park the coverage for Ohio MARCS was lacking to say the least. The ODNR had a heck of a time communicating even on his radio in the car and handheld coverage was definitely out of the question...
  2. radioscan

    ODNR VRE Confirmation

    Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) are using 774.3375 with a DPL of 226 at least in the Hocking Hills SP area for their MARCS vehicle repeater extenders (VRE). I can also confirm that Hocking Hills SP is in ODNR Region 23.
  3. JerryNone

    O.D.N.R. V.H.F. Frequencies

    Does the O.D.N.R. still use the V.H.F. frequencies? I noticed on the Ohio Radio Reference page that each district has its own frequency assigned to Mulitple Repeaters but eah freqeuncy has a different PL. How can one tell which frequency / PL (CTCSS) combo is used in one's area? Does it really...