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ohio marcs

  1. D

    ohio marcs.

    i have 2 radio shack scanners and they will pick up everything but when ohio marcs. it's all garbualed sound can someone please help me with this.Thanks.
  2. C

    WS1040: Ohio MARCS

    I'm having trouble receiving transmissions from defiance van wert and Paulding counties. I hear bits and pieces. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Watched videos and read over and over. Anyone out there that can help?
  3. 6

    Paulding County Sheriff

    The SO went live with MARCS 3-27-2019.
  4. dbsar

    HP-2: Home Patrol 3 ?

    Hello, the crux of my question is when does Uniden normally release new models? I understand the consumer electronics show is going on this week. I also know it’s been several years since the Home Patrol 2 came out. Just wondering if there might be a Home Patrol 3 on the near horizon? Part two...
  5. ajcscan

    Ohio MARCS scanner programming

    Hello, I hope this makes sense but I'd like to know the following: If I live in Cuyahoga county for example, and I add the MARCS system to a scanlist for Cuyahoga county, can I simply add only the talk groups for that county to receive only that area or do I have to add every single county...
  6. F

    Setting Up Unitrunker For Montgomery County Ohio MARCS

    I hope this is the correct forum for this question. I monitored Montgomery County TRS with Unitrunker successfully for years. When they recently moved to the Ohio MARCS system I entered the control channel 853.600 into my Bearcat BCT8 and created a new system in Unitrunker (SID 6643). I then...
  7. dbsar

    How to program Ohio MARCS-IP

    How to program Ohio MARCS-IP I have a Uniden BCD396XT that program with FreeScan, and want to explore anything I can listen to on Ohio MARCS-IP. So how do I program it...I already monitor my local stuff with one site programed in (Greene County Simulcast). Can I program in more that one site...
  8. P

    MARCS Rebanding Question

    I hope that this was not asked already. Were the Grafton and Mobile Motorola Type II SmartZone Omnilink sites rebanded? I am asking this because it looks like there are frequencies on these two sites in the 860-868.9875 range. I thought that after rebanding all frequencies should be in the...
  9. H

    ohio marcs on uniden scanner

    i have 2 uniden scanners until the rebanding i was able to hear the ohio marcs, i have done the firmware upgrade and put the new freqs in the list, i still cannot hear anything on the scanner any help would be great
  10. C

    RadioShack® PRO-197 Digital Desktop Scanner Programing

    We are attempting to program a Pro 197 scanner to receive MARCS for Muskingum County (Zanesville Ohio) area and have been unsuccessful. Does anyone have the programing we can "dump" into the scanner. Thanks