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  1. W

    TYT MD-380 "Newer" Ohio Code Plug

    Does anyone have a newer code plug for the TYT MD-380 for Ohio than the one on All Ohio Code Plug which is now over a year old?
  2. E

    Trunking - Phase I & II - questions :)

    Hi! I was raised in a home where my Dad always had police scanners, even with crystals etc. I'm interested in getting a trunking scanner for the house. I'm not too familiar with them, nor the Phase type etc. I can tell you what I'm looking for - I live in Ohio, near Cleveland in suburb. Is it...
  3. E

    Need some advice on how to pick out some trunking scanners?

    Good day - I have two scanners now, which are standard channels. I'd like to get a trunking scanner, but don't know where to begin. I'm not out for the biggest and best, just one where I can hear local police such as the Cleveland, Ohio police, Olmsted Falls Police, etc. Could someone please...
  4. johnnyelectron

    Wood County Fire forced off VHF to MARCS?

    Hi, based upon an article in the BG Sentinel-Tribune on June 14th, the North Baltimore EMS will be "forced" to buy MARCS radios? Why? Why can't they stay on VHF, like most of Wood County has for fire- everybody has access to 153.890 county-wide. BG City PD and Fire have DMR, but also have an...
  5. radioscan

    Duplication of pages

    Over the weekend I was updating the agency page for this: https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?aid=2091 So, I clicked on the Wiki tab from that page and that Wiki had been created but was empty. I added information to it. It was then pointed out to me in a PM sent by another member that...
  6. SCPD

    MARCS switch to Phase II

    Does anyone know if or when Ohio MARCS is switching to phase 2?
  7. SCPD

    Whitehall Police MARCS

    I know that Whitehall Police is on the new MARCS system. But for Franklin County there are multiple different sites listed as part of the MARCS system. Which system is Whitehall using? I have been struggling to program them in their own bank, and I just want the system frequencies that they're...
  8. dhubbard241

    Immigration & Customs Enf, Columbus, OH

    Where can I find the Dept of Homeland Security, Immigration & Customs Enforcement for Columbus,OH on here? I don't want to monitor all homeland security, just I.C.E.
  9. DomW

    Recommend scanner for MARCS-IP

    Hi all I sold my HP1 to a friend back in MD over a year ago as I was not too tickled with what I was picking up after moving to St.Clairsville (Belmont co.) Now I am getting the urge to get a scanner again. I would like to know if one scanner is 'more' future-proof than another for what is...
  10. J

    Looking for a specific department's FTO

    I am trying to program FTO's in my BCD996P2. I am looking specifically for Anna Ohio FD's FTO (Shelby County). Could anybody provide me with this and/or the link to find FTO's, please? Thanks in advance!
  11. K

    Summit Behavioral Healthcare

    Has anyone ever heard anything on this system? I have it loaded (programmed) and I have not heard anything on it EVER.
  12. K

    Ohio MARCS-IP Clermont County Radio IDs?

    Does anyone have a list of Ohio MARCS-IP Clermont County Radio IDs?
  13. yfdgricker

    Problem monitoring Columbus Fire on MARCS-IP...

    Hi all, Is anyone in the Columbus area picking up any other talkgroups for Columbus Fire on MARCS-IP besides the automated dispatch channel? I'm using a BCD436HP and I'm in the city limits. I'm picking up the Automated Dispatch talkgroup fine (TG57002) but absolutely no other traffic on any of...
  14. sheldonk

    New Bremen and Minster, OH in Auglaize County

    Greetings, For quite some time now I have heard very little traffic from Minster and New Bremen in Auglaize County. The only time I do hear anything is at shift change when Auglaize County Central Dispatch (155.13mhz) calls for Officer/Unit ID. I used to hear them quite often and have never...
  15. J

    East Cleveland, OH

    I have a BCD325P2 with a RS 800mhz antenna. A few days ago I was able to briefly listen to 155.1300 which is a conventional frequency. A member has been trouble shooting with me to see why I can't pull this frequency in. Please help
  16. T

    need help with central ohio scanner

    i am trying to find a scanner for my sister . she lives in Whitehall Ohio, can someone direct me to a scanner that is ez to program via computer . needs to get whitehall and columbus
  17. J

    Lake County Ohio

    So last week, I was happily listening to my scanner for Lake County ohio. Now, for the past 4 days, I cannot get any signals, and I noticed the Online feed is down as well. Does anyone know what is going on? Has there been a change of frequencies again? Thanks
  18. KD8DVR

    Repeaterbook travel routes through Ohio

    Travel routes through Ohio have now been updated for repeaters through the state of Ohio on www.repeaterbook.com. Most repeaters in range of an interstate have been updated to reflect this. If you know of a local repeater that doesn't reflect this, let me know via an admin report. I strive to...
  19. burner781

    Scioto County Hospitals

    Does anyone know how EMS to hospital comms are done. I have tried searching many times and I have never heard them on Marcs ip.
  20. A

    Chesterland (Geauga County) MARCS question

    Didn't see anything on the wiki about this but what channel does chesterland PD operate on? (if the have a PD). I am from Geneva and will be traveling there for work from now on starting Wednesday and want to have everything programmed and ready to go for my trips there.