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  1. N

    Increased listening to okc area online feeds

    I've noticed over the past couple of weeks, the number of listeners to local feeds has increased dramatically. It is now rare for the "Oklahoma City Police" feed to have fewer than 100 listeners, has been almost steady at 200+ most days in the past week. Other local feeds have increased as well...
  2. C

    Programming OKWIN Links to OKC

    I have a BC246T, using ARC Software. I attempted to program in the OKCPD links on OKWIN and cannot get a single signal, what is or am I doing wrong? System Mot Type 2 Custom Rebanded: 851-858 step 12.5K offset -560 Control Frequencies: 0860.9375 0859.9375 0858.9375 0857.9375 Talkgroups 48112...
  3. M

    Earthquake in okc?

    Just felt another earthquake in south okc about 12:15. neighbors all felt it. havent heard anything on the scanner. did anyone else feel it?