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  1. SCPD

    Del City Live Feed is Live

    I have took the opportunity to apply for a feed for Del City, Oklahoma. The feed is live at Broadcastify. Check your mobile scanner apps and browsers to help me test it. Let's keep the suburbs on the air. I wiosh to see others stream Midwest City with us in the Oklahoma County section of...
  2. T

    OKWIN (P25) Bandplan table

    P25 Phase 1 Hello all, I have an old Pro 96 that I needed to update to listen to OKWIN(P25) system in Tulsa, Ok. I am using ACR96 software and have loaded the P25 system in the scanner, but I pick up nothing. I have tried different options in the software to try to get it to work but I have had...
  3. C

    Programming OKWIN Links to OKC

    I have a BC246T, using ARC Software. I attempted to program in the OKCPD links on OKWIN and cannot get a single signal, what is or am I doing wrong? System Mot Type 2 Custom Rebanded: 851-858 step 12.5K offset -560 Control Frequencies: 0860.9375 0859.9375 0858.9375 0857.9375 Talkgroups 48112...
  4. yhssenior05

    BCD996XT Problems Programing (OKWIN)

    Sorry if this has been discussed somewhere else I am unable to find it if it has. I just upgraded from a BCD780XLT to a 996XT talk about night and day differences. Anyways I'm useing ProScan to program it and I am downloading the frequencies into Proscan VIA radio reference account, and I have...
  5. HogDriver

    OKC Bricktown Radio Activity

    Noticed traffic on the OCPD BRICKTOWN TG (54000 on OKWIN) on the 4th of July activities downtown but it has been quiet since then. So I guess it only used during peak times.