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    Omaha area BCD396XT programming

    I've recently bought a 396xt as an upgrade to my old Pro-43 and SC150. I'm still trying to get my head around programming the beast, but am thoroughly enjoying it. Freescan greatly simplifies they process... I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share their Freescan file for the Omaha...
  2. T

    NWIN Omaha No CC

    I live in Bellevue; have an exterior antenna. I get Plattsmouth tower CC 99% and lots of traffic. I cannot get any CC signal for Omaha using 172.60000 or 173.76250. Tried the other non-CC freqs also 171.43750, 172.28750. Is Omaha down?
  3. P

    Aviation Freqs UHF

    Has anything changed in the last couple of years regarding milcom UHF freqs in the Omaha area? Still the same like 311, 321, 342.5....I need an antenna for my roof. PSR-500 radio, win500 software Thanks, John