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  1. B

    BCT15X Terminology Clarity

    Hi folks. I've owned this BCT15X for a handful of years and I've looked everywhere for some leadership but it doesn't seem to be out there. I'm a >20 year HAM operator and I simply cannot get my head around this unit. Can someone explain to me the following terminology? systems, sites...
  2. W

    Workaround for Sentinel "The underlying connection was closed."

    I've read through the posts regarding this error and not found that anyone has posted a solution or workaround. "Update full database failed. Operation cancelled The underlying connection was closed. An expected error on receive." As a programmer and network engineer I can state that the...
  3. D

    396XT Quick Tips

    I thought it would be good to have a sticky thread with quick tips about using the 396XT. No requests or long discussions in this thread, just "here's how you do this on the 396XT". I've been finding all sorts of little tricks that aren't obvious from the sparse documentation, and it would be...