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  1. D

    Possible 3 New OPP Talkgroups

    I found OPP talking on these 8371 8707 8819 But cant find a listing for them, these are in the Brockville and Cornwall area Anyone have more info on this
  2. D

    OPP new talk groups

    I heard OPP talking on these talk group but cant find any info on them Talk Group 8371,8707,8819
  3. S

    OPP Repeater Tecumseh

    Hey guys, I'm very new to ham radio, just picked up a uv5r yesterday and am currently trying to listen to the Tecumseh opp repeater with no success. Was just wondering if someone can point me in the right direction on how to receive it if it's possible. Thanks
  4. S

    looking for a scanner

    hello, I new to this well I've played around with scanners before but now I looking to buy my own I'm looking for a handheld for mainly burlington opp but if I can mto and that to but opp will be fine I was wondering if anyone had one they are willing to sell or would know where a could get one...
  5. K

    BC796D: Issues programming Bell Fleetnet into BC796D.

    Hello everybody, I have recently acquired a Uniden BC796D scanner and I am trying to program into it Bell Fleetnet, specifically OPP for Burlington and Niagara. I have tried doing so both by hand and using ProScan with no luck. I am able to program in the base frequencies and offsets, tower...
  6. H

    OPP BEAT02 DMR in Centre Wellington!?!?

    Hi all, I live in Fergus, and I am now hearing DMR on the BEAT02 frequency. Centre Wellington uses the BEAT03 for foot & bike patrols. The transmission is FOR SURE DMR, I own several DMR capable radios so I know what it sounds like but my laptop for DSD+ is down so no info on the signal for now...
  7. 7

    Need Help BC785D in Ontario

    Hi all, I have searched through the forums and can't find anything. I am trying to re-program my old BC785D. Can anyone in the GTA or Southern Ontario help me with programming Bell Fleetnet (OPP) into my radio? I can travel to you if need be. I just moved back from Alberta and would really like...
  8. T

    York & Durham EMS

    Hey guys, I was looking at the long list talk groups of fleetnet and was trying to figure out what talk groups York & Durham EMS use. Is York under Georgian & Durham under Oshawa?
  9. T

    OPP Cruiser Hit Near Hwy 7 & ON-400

    An OPP cruiser was rammed by a Red Pickup Truck marker 8079TE today around 12:00 near Hwy 7 & ON-400. The driver did not stop and the OPP officer attempted to chase the driver but was unable to continue after 1KM due to damage to the vehicle. They are looking for the driver who abandon the...
  10. E

    Newbie Help

    Hi guys, I am new to all this radio stuff, and was looking into possibly buying a scanner. I would like to be able to listen to most of the channels in the Hastings County area in Ontario, as well as other parts of Ontario (Hamilton, Burlington, etc.). Could anyone recommend me a fairly cheap...
  11. S

    Collingwood opp rebrodcast frequency silent

    The collingwood ontario opp rebrodcast frequency 413.53750 seems to have gone silent. Any info about this?
  12. H

    OPP Hard ID

    Does anyone know what the all the hard IDs (ex: 35-xxx) are? I know: Central: 1-xxx 2-xxx 3-xxx 4-xxx HSD: 5-xxx Western: 6-xxx EOD: 25-xxx Community: 86-xxx Prisoner transfer: 62-xxx Orillia: 29-xxx Forensic: 24-xxx Canine: 35-xxx
  13. A

    beginner - essex county OPP

    Hey guys, Im desperatley looking for help. Im a beginner with police scanning but do know the basics. I recently got the Uniden Bearcat BCD996XT scanner and Live in Harrow, part of essex county. We are patrolled by OPP who use the APCO-25 interface. For some reason my scanner wont pick them up...
  14. M

    Moved to Burlington996XT not receiving Bell Fleetnet

    Scanner: Bearcat BCD996XT Firmware: 1.07.03 Freescan 2.17 Import from Radio Reference Trunked. Have used this scanner for years near London and programed it using the import feature of Freescan via Radio Reference. Moved to Burlington and have been banging my head against the wall as to why...
  15. AeStein

    Huron and Perth Counties OPP is going Digital

    To the listeners of Huron and Perth Counties OPP: The current feed is monitoring the analog repeater broadcast of Huron and Perth Counties police talkgroups 1OPS07 and 1OPS12. Within the next couple of weeks, the feed will be switched over the digital broadcast. This will have many benefits...
  16. B

    Ontario License Restrictions

    I've been trying to figure this out and can't really find any good info anywhere. I'm wondering if anyone knows what the license restrictions stand for. So far I've heard them say A,X,Y,W example: Driver is licensed class Golf, restrictions Xray or some times they will say no restrictions...
  17. J

    OPP Time Team

    I've heard the OPP refer to their "Time Team" on a few occasions, when there's a particularly bad 10-50 and it looks like there may be a 10-45 involved. What is this "Time Team" and what do they do? What call signs and talk groups do they use? Anyone know? Rob
  18. S

    OPP Scanning

    I have a Uniden Bearcat 235XLT Trunk Tracker Scanner. Am I able to scan the OPP frequencies with this unit? If so Could someone point me in the direction for doing this? Thanks
  19. M

    OPP Toronto - East

    Why is it there is a feed for OPP in the downtown area but there is none in the east end.Can any one broadcast Whitby OPP, Downsview OPP , and Toronto OPP, it would bennifit a lot of other listeners also.
  20. I

    Need help programming 396xt for OPP

    Hi everyone, I've got a uniden BCD 396XT scanner and I want to program the freqs for OPP zone 2 but don't know how. Can anyone provide a step-by-step instruction on how to program it? I've seen instructions here for a 396T, but the steps do not work for the 396XT. Any help will be greatly...