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orange county

  1. K

    Orange County P25

    Noticed the other day that the new Orange County P25 system is now considered to be "deprecated"? does anyone know why the county has stopped the progress of the P25 system? is their going to be a full P25 system in the future? Also, does the tower in orange county P25 still work with the TGID...
  2. W

    uniden BCD396t Stopped picking up Orange County, CA

    I have been using my BCD396t for almost a year now with no problems. I monitor MetroNet and OCFA in Orange County, CA. About a week or so ago in the middle of the day my scanner stopped picking up frequencies. My buddy who has the same one said his did too. He does have a base scanner of the...
  3. T

    MotoTrbo in/near Orange County

    Hello, I think I discovered a MotoTrbo system in/near Orange County. I am listening to them using DSD (digital speech decoder) on Ubuntu 12.04 and am getting the audio to work using AlsaOSS package. The radio I am using is a Icom ID-880H and I rigged up the discriminator tap using the ground...
  4. H

    Orange 911 fire disp. & pine bush ambulance question

    Hey guys I'm looking for sum frequancys is there a VHF freq for orange 911 fire dispatch or r thy all UHF? Also does anyone know pine bush ambulance corp radio frequency? Thanks!
  5. B

    Pro-106 Only Picking Up Occasionally in Orange Co., FL

    Shortly after the New Year, I programmed my Pro-106, using the Win500 software and RR data. I'm in Orange County, FL, so there is no lack of conversation coming over the air from Fire, Police, etc. As soon as I finished programming my radio, I began picking up all sorts of calls: Fire, Police...
  6. B

    I've Begun. Now what?

    OK, followed Pro106 instructions to scan pre-loaded material in my radio. Radio indicates it is scanning the correct items for Orange County, Florida. No traffic. What do you think I did wrong? Is it possible that I accidently erased the V-scanner folder contents, or is it possible that it...
  7. E

    Lynch Ambulance Frequencies??

    Hi I'm wondering if anyone has or knows how to get scanner frequencies for Lynch Ambulance in Anaheim, CA? Thanks