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  1. A

    Trunk Tracking with HackRF

    Hi there, TLDR; I have a HackRF and want to decode P25 and trunk track like a hardware scanner - what are my setup options vis a vis OS X , Windows or Linux New to the forum here so please be gentle : ) So I got a HackRF One at Christmas as I've loved fooling about with SDR dongles for ADSB...
  2. R

    Mac OSX Software

    I am thinking of purchasing a 396XT Uniden scanner and want to use programming software. Is there any decent software for a Mac available? I DO NOT use Windows loading software so it has to be specially for a Mac. Thanks
  3. devildogusmc4

    Streaming For Mac

    Hi everyone, I had a quick question regarding the streaming software. I have streamed on RR before but that was a while ago. I streamed on a Win Vista/7 but now I just got a nice PowerMac G5 and wanted o know if I can use the stream software on the Mac or is the program only .exe . Thank You! (I...
  4. P

    Returned to Scanning After 14 Years with a Pro-106

    Hi all!, I'll introduce myself- name's Derek and I'm coming back to the scanning hobby after a 14 year hiatus. I last scanned in the late 90's with a Pro-46, wow have things changed! Anyways, so I did some research and determined my area (Shreveport/Bossier City, LA) is mostly digital so I...