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p25 dsd data

  1. Charlie1068

    Madison County P25 system help

    Im using 2 SDR dongles and Unitrunker along with DSD Plus for decoding for the north TRS in Madison county, but it says my signal strength is weak on Unitrunker. However, on SDR Sharp the health is in the 40's but, it can't decode any voice. I have had success with other digital frequencies in...
  2. A

    View Raw P25 Data Packets - Digital Speech Decoder (software package)

    Is there a way to have DSD display raw P25 data packets. I am tring to fix a bug with EF Johnson firmware when its in data mode but I need to see the raw p25 data packets so I can determine the bug in the P25 Header. I tried to get OP25 to work in Ubuntu but so many of op25 dependences have...