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p25 trunked radio

  1. P

    BCD536HP: Ottawa County Ohio

    Two things; 1) I don"t seem to be able to figure out what additional info I need to put into the favorites to recieve all of the Sheriff Office transmittions, I am missing some. Is there a common mistake I am makeing? I will play with it some more and red the manual again, and whatch yu...
  2. S

    Bad BCD396xt or bad user Victoria BC

    I'm picking up this programming pretty well(My 1st digital scanner). I'm scanning a trunked system (CREST Victoria BC CANADA) and the analog is just fine. But of the P25 is being a bear. When there's a P25 hit the display shows the ID####, as well as the P25/LNK symbals and frequency. There's...
  3. F

    Q361/G361 and 3600 Baud Systems

    Hello All, Would a radio with the following features included in its flashcode work on a 3600 baud mixed-mode system, or will it only work on 9600 baud systems? Q806/G806 IMBE / APCO-25 Digital Operation H14/G114 Digital ID Display H868/W969 Multikey Operation H38/G51 Smartzone Operation...
  4. Bote

    DoD 380MHz P25 nationwide military trunked system 14C

    I've been monitoring the nationwide 380MHz P25 military trunked system 14C site at Key West, Florida for some time. Recently they have begun using talkgroup 28995 for daily radio checks and actual dispatches of fire calls. This is labeled "Navy southeast region dispatch". The Key West units...
  5. Bote

    Uniden 996 settings for DoD P25 system

    I have a remote Uniden BCD996T (no X) that was receiving the NAS Key West trunked radio system just fine for a couple years. This morning they are conducting an exercise making extensive use of the trunked system and I found a bunch of new talkgroups. I added them to FreeScan the same way I...
  6. J

    Limited Trunk Groups in Scanner Feeds

    Hi Folks, I'm planning to get a feed put together here in the next couple of weeks and am curious what the current etiquette is regarding trunked radio systems. If i'm in County A, for example, should I limit the trunk groups to only those that are pertinent to my county or just let it run...