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  1. J

    M/ACOM p7100IP

    I tried using programmer to program this radio into a SCAN only device for an EDACS system. First it said it needed a tracking code. so I coded it. Then it shut off when it was writing, now I have a radio without a software! help!
  2. P

    P7100 Stuck in WA SCAN

    Need help from the knowledge base on here. I have a P7150 Scan model that when it is powered on and gets an EDACS control channel it goes immediately into WA (Wide Area) SCAN. Once it finds another site and locks in, it will immediately go back into WA SCAN to try and find another site. Again...
  3. A

    Trusted Resources for Used EDACS equipment?

    Other than FMR Inc (which does not have our radio model in stock) does anyone know of a trusted place to get used or refurb'd P7100's model numbers: HT7150S81X, or: MAHT-S81NX or even p5100's in the 800mhz band? Batteries and chargers are not really needed since we have those coming out of our...