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palmetto 800

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    Palmetto 800 to Palmetto 25 Transition

    Well the dates are listed here. If you don't have digital capable equipment time to start thinking about getting it before 12/31/2016. http://www.cio.sc.gov/palmetto800/Documents/P-25%20Letter%2002-02-15v1.pdf
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    Palmetto 800 New Site? Site 63 - Little Mountain

    I'm seeing a site 63 show up in Unitrunker as a neighbor of sites 30, 44, 20, and 59, I'm sure other sites as well but those are the ones I can pick up from Elgin and a quick trip to the Forest Acres area yesterday. Unitrunker is reporting the control channel as 853.8000 but that's listed in...
  3. R

    Palmetto 800 problems (york county)

    Attempting to scan Palmetto 800 system in York county SC with Uniden Home Patrol 1 (extreme). Upon completion of entering 800 system and attempting to scan, no activity can be heard (scanned for several hours w/multiple TG's programmed). Using the system analyzer built into the HP1, it shows no...
  4. V

    Palm800 TG 53408 in the Pee Dee

    Hey guys I am trying to ID tgid 53408, heard around the pee dee on bennettsville and marion towers. Im pretty sure it relates to ChesterfieldCo Sheriff, even though the tg numbering is not with the rest of chesterfield. maybe a cid channel, but can not confirm a hundred percent. If anyone can...
  5. M

    Palmetto 800 unidentified TG's

    Hi, I live on the Georgia side of the savannah river so I was unsure if I should post here or in the GA discussion but here goes... I'm trying to identify a few talk groups on the Palmetto 800; I've searched the RR db, the forums and can't seem to find them. Has anyone identified the...
  6. C

    Palmetto 800 Sites (Anderson-Greeville) offline???

    I'm in Anderson County, SC, about 5 mi. from the Palmetto 800 tower (site 042). Why am I saying they are offline? Only having been at this a few months, there's a lot I don't know and I could be missing something important, but here is what I found... All of the Site & Talk Group info for...