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  1. C

    Phone patch, MOTOtrbo, and VOIP telephone systems

    I've been searching the internet, MOL, and made a couple phone calls on the subject of creating a digital phone patch with either an XPR, MTR, or SLR repeater. We've successfully integrated a patch into a legacy phone system but are finding it difficult to located information on integrating...
  2. K

    Phoenix Fire dispatches going out over Mesa Fire's channel 1?

    It's about 1am. I've heard three or four dispatches from Phoenix FD going out over Mesa FD's dispatch TG. Are they doing a patch test? Or is Mesa's alarm room down, so Phoenix is dispatching both systems, and everything is being heard on all four channels? (154.190, 154.340, TG 1795, TG 3064)...
  3. kg4ojj

    State agencies in the clear...kind of

    By chance, I discovered two state agencies in the clear - Fish & Wildlife and FHP. Okay, I do NOT have a state radio nor a secret decoder ring, but I do know a good dispatcher when I hear one.... I was in Palatka (Putnam County) last week during a shooting call. No injuries, but a few...
  4. W

    GRE PSR-410/310 Patch Support?

    Does anyone know if this is in the works or if GRE will ever make this possible for the 410/310, the way it similarly funtions on the 500/600?