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  1. M

    Can not get West Chester on my BCD436HP

    I just bought the BCD436HP and I don't know what I am doing wrong. I loaded West Chester PD, PA in as it's own favorite list from the sentinel program and I've barely heard a word. I can get Chester County PD and Fire EMS. Anyone know why WCPD won't work? I tried it as a direct transfer set up...
  2. I

    Northampton County PA-State Police

    My town (Williams Township) is covered by the Pennsylvania State Police, Troop M, Belfast. Anyone know what the scanner frequency(ies) might be for patrol? Thanks!
  3. u2brent

    York County Convention Channels

    Anyone know/hear what I'm hearing? I've been hearing traffic on 1 unidentified channel in P25 Mode. 500.887500 MHz NFM with NAC 037 sounds like Police mostly, maybe a little EMS. Closest result of RR search is Chester Co. but I'm definitely hearing York comms. Any input would be appreciated :)
  4. S

    Dauphin County Public Safety & Dauphin County Fire/EMS DOWN - Pennsylvania

    Hello, could someone tell me why Dauphin County Public Safety went down. It has been down for some time now, but I am wondering why I can no longer find it on my scanner app. Are they now encrypting these feeds, have they switched the format to BrokenSky, or did the provider drop the stream?
  5. C

    Cambria County Tones

    By Chance would anyone have a complete list of Cambria County tones. i only have a few of them. I am looking for certain tones for programming, QRS tones. I noticed 911 has changed them around, they are different from the Siren or Pager Tones. Also looking for the County all Call tones...
  6. GTR8000

    Philadelphia Granted a 13 Month Narrowbanding Wavier by FCC

    The city applied for an 18 month extension to the narrowbanding deadline in September, and was granted 13 months. The waiver affects numerous VHF and UHF frequencies throughout the city. They now have until February 1, 2014 to narrowband the affected frequencies. The full text of the waiver...
  7. V

    Do You Think The PA STARNET Drama Will Ever End...?

    Ok, so it only takes one look at Google to find out just how crummy the Opensky platform can be, and just how many problems it has caused agencies. Here in PA we have been unfortunate enough to gain a statewide (...in theory) Opensky system. If you look at the sticky in the PA forum you can...
  8. B

    Allegheny County Radio- Eastern Police Frequency

    I am trying to find the Eastern Area Police radio frequency that covers EDGEWOOD, SWISSVALE, WILKINSBURGH and RANKIN POLICE DEPARTMENTS. I seem to find every other listing except that one. Does anyone know where I can find it or how it can become available?
  9. benaglio

    Radio Shack Pro-106

    Greetings - I am completely new to the modern world of Scanners - and I need somewhere to start. My wife purchased me a Pro-106 scanner. We live in Gibsonia, PA (15044), and our local police/fire department is Hampton Township. I have a print-out from a friend of mine who works for the...
  10. Kevmor

    Norfolk-Southern RR frequencies.

    Good day: I was hoping someone might have frequencies for Norfolk-Southern Railroad, particularly for Pennsylvania, specifically for Lancaster County. Thanks.
  11. P

    Should I invest in BC396XT?

    I live in southeast PA Montgomery County. I am looking to purchase a BC396XT and do not mind spending the money on it, but I am worried about the possibility of the Opensky project that PA may continue to rollout. I know PSP and others already use it in some areas, but I don't want to see my...
  12. lukeduke711

    Western PA 155.4300??

    what city is 155.4300?
  13. Z

    Erie, PA and Mahoning/Youngstown, OH Added to Incident News Broadcast

    Mahoning/Youngstown, OH Feed added to INB and Online. Erie, PA Fire-EMS-PD will be online within the week. Feel free to listen in to either feed on INB TeamSpeak at