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  1. kandrey89

    TRX-2: Whistler TRX-2 - Unboxing Photos

    Hi, I took unboxing photos of Whistler TRX-2 in hi-res so you could see what is included, the shape and possible mounting options. Concern about the quality: The buttons are sheathed in thin black rubber material with what appears to be possibly rubberized silkscreen. Unknown how long the...
  2. Nessus

    BCD996P2 Photos and Technical Discussion

    This is a request for photos of the internals of BCD996P2. In order to get an idea what is needed, please take a look at the photos located here: http://forums.radioreference.com/voice-control-channel-decoding-software/113335-unitrunker-p25-raw-signal-must-filtered-2.html#post2395013 and...
  3. dmg1969

    Scanner antenna setup

    I was up crawling around the attic yesterday making some additions and changes to my setup. I had an OCFD laying up there being unused. I had built it a while ago and used it for a short time. I ran some RG-6 to that and place it on the far end of the attic. My current attic mounted antenna...
  4. F

    Disc tap

    Ok i have a pretty good idea how to do the disc. tap on my bc700a but wanted to know if anyone could help me by taking a picture of the inside of theirs. I think that the BC350A is the same as the BC700A minus the 800 MHz chip. I just wanted to make sure with some visual confirmation. Thanks if...
  5. N

    MCSO: A Walk Down Memory Lane

    Hi everyone: In a continuation from the Kelly Butte BOEC thread, here are some old photos of the Multhomah County Sheriff's Office over the years. These are all copies that I obtained with permission from MCSO. Copyright status is unknown. If anybody objects to these on copyright (or other)...