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police and fire

  1. J

    PRO-91 Scanner and Kirkwood, MO

    FIRST... I am not an experienced scanner person, so forgive my ignorance... I turn it on and plug in the freq and hope to hear something. :) I use it to listen to local Fire / Police / Ambulance happenings in Kirkwood, Crestwood, Glendale, Webster area etc.. I used to be able to scan and...
  2. V

    What scanner and frequencies for Trent Hills,Ontario?

    At this time I only have a Realistic Pro-38,which is fine for listening to local ham radio repeaters. What would I need to listen to Trent Hills,ON emergency services? Are they encrypted? In which case I may as well not bother upgrading! Recommended outside antenna? Discone,other? Local...
  3. W

    Which Handheld is Best

    I am a Reserve Deputy in NC. Unfortunately, that means I get the bottom of the pile when it comes to radio equipment, so I am looking for an inexpensive handheld UHF radio to replace an old Motorola HT750. The ht750 will not transmit unless I am in the Sheriffs department, which makes it...
  4. HM1529

    Chester County P25 System

    Looks like there is a control channel on the air in the West Chester area for the new TRS: 851.6125 SysID: 00A WACN: 92466 Site RFSSID: 010 Site ID: 010 Site NAC: 010 This frequency is part of the current pool for the Multinet system and was in the proposed pool for the new East/Central group...
  5. W

    Police Scanner for Eastern Cuyahoga County

    Hello All! New guy here with a question regarding police scanners. Thank you in advance for any advice you provide.... I am looking to purchase a handheld police scanner as a birthday gift in the next day or two. Can anyone tell me what type of handheld scanner works best for my area (Eastern...
  6. T04KLH9PW7AN

    Houston, TX - City PD joins county radio network.

    HPD flips the switch May 7th. HPD joins county radio network - Your Houston News: News
  7. N

    Amateur Radio & Scanners

    Hey all! Henry N2HJS here.. I guess I just wanted to make a post and get some opinions and learn some new things here. I'll start by telling you about myself.. I am 15 years old and I've been a Ham Radio operator for quite a while now with a General License. I've been operating mainly with...
  8. K

    Buying a Motorola Digital 2way radio for listening ?

    EDIT: I not just looking a Motorola radios it can be any brand. If I had like a Motorola Digital radio. and I programmed it with the the local police, fire, etc Freq. with is P25. Would that work. I know I would have to program DEC,HEX, Alpha Tags etc. so I can hear what I want/ or am I...
  9. B

    Warren County, Ohio Police and Fire Feed Gone

    The Warren County, Ohio Police and Fire feed was offline for a little but I'm not sure how long exactly. I think I read somewhere on the website that after 3 weeks offline that the feed gets deleted. Is this true and also does that mean that this feed will never be back? I hope it comes back...