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police calls

  1. A

    Police traffic stops

    This is something I have been wondering for a while. Most police units have computers installed within the vehicle, yet you constantly hear units calling in plate numbers to a dispatcher during traffic stops. I'm wondering why this information is not available to the officers via the vehicle's...
  2. F

    Help needed in using Uniden BCD436HP to zero in on a specific signals

    Hi, I am a total newbie at scanning and his is my first post here. I live in New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County, Florida, and I purchased a Uniden BCD436HP which comes pre-loaded with a US-Canada frequencies database. My desire is to listen to what is happening in my town by scanning the radio...
  3. car7858

    Macomb County, MI MPCSS Alpha Tags ?'s

    I am wondering if anyone has any type of list that tells what each Alpha Tag on my Uniden BCD396XT scanner shows. Some examples are as follwing: 71F911, 902P911 ( I believe this is Chesterfield PD), 713P911, 740P911, 50P911, HVADS, 722P911, 360P911, 765P911, 50PD911, 502F911, and 50RMPD (I...