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police scanner

  1. A

    Phoenix Area Uniden SDS100 Review

    I just wanted to make a quick initial review of the SDS100. @KR7CQ Did a fantastic write up regarding the SDS100 and it is certainly more in-depth than mine will be. I picked this scanner up from HRO on Friday 12/21/2018 and I was admittedly a bit apprehensive. My current scanner is a BCD996P2...
  2. M

    Police Encryption: Good or Bad?

    It's becoming more and more popular. Is this a good thing or a bad thing overall? Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhJQkJxRWf8&feature=youtu.be
  3. _sundown_

    BCT15X: Cheapest PC to program Uniden Bearcat BCT15X Police Scanner

    Hey Everyone, I have Uniden Bearcat BCT15X Police Scanner, I use it only in the garage as background noise. I moved to a new county and not excited about reprogramming it manually for all the local analog freq's . I researched this forum and didn't find a thread/post on this, please share if...
  4. E

    West Linn Fire and Rescue

    Hello I was wondering what live feed would be the best for my city.( West Linn) Would it be Washington County Fire and rescue because it includes west linn in the details feed on broadcastify website, clackamas county fire and rescue, because west linn is located in clackamas county, or lake...
  5. E

    Types of scanners

    Hello I was wondering what the best type of scanner is for my area. I live in West Linn Oregon and I want to be able to have a scanner that can listen to my cities police department. But i'm not sure what you call the type of scanner that can listen to what I think are called talk groups. From...
  6. Danny37

    Radio Shack Pro-163 Firmware Update

    Can anyone point me in the right direction, I've been looking to update my RS Pro-163 but it seems since radio shack redid their website the archives/support has been lost or something. Tried Internet searches and no luck. if anyone can help, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
  7. K

    where to buy an antenna

    hello i have a uniden SC150B police scanner with a standard rubber ducky antenna and i want to buy a better anteena first off what kind of conector does my antenna have and second are there any reputable sites on the net where i can buy an antenna for my scanner
  8. S

    Please Help (Buying a scanner)

    I want to buy a police scanner as a Christmas present but I don't really know which one is the right one. I live in Eastern Ohio and I was informed that the police frequencies here are transferring over to digital. My budget is 150, 200 max. Is there any scanner that may fit this criteria?
  9. T

    Terror Drill Watch

    I am currently trying to monitor Terror drills being held here in the us, so if anybody hears of local terror drills happening please share those stories, and or a link to the police scanner for that area, im currently trying to compile a list so that when terror drills happen people can listen...
  10. H

    Sites like radioreference?

    I wanted to know if there are more websites which broadcast police radio feeds? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  11. J

    Need help with older scanner

    I have a 1980 Regency Touch ACT-K100 scanner that my dad used to use when he lived in PA.He has since passed and now I have it. I want to sell it but I want to be sure it works first. I don't know anything about police scanners and it's only an interest when I hear a siren driving by. It has an...
  12. P

    First scanner questions ??

    I'm looking to buy a scanner.I love listening on here not to just the normal radio calls but alot of times i pick up the narcotics guys in northeast and prostitioun stings.But i;d rather listen to the philly cops in the bad parts like kensington and all of that.I also live in delco so to listen...
  13. 1

    Programming Help Needed BADLY!! :(

    I got a SC150 Handheld Scanner today, And I need help programming it. I've been successful on programming it for some frequencies. But not the ones I actually want to listen to. I've searched Google all day. And also have read the Manual over and over, and still can't figure out how to program...
  14. shortbus91

    Jerseyville IL Railroad >?<

    hello everyone.. Just wondern What could i pick up on the rail road frqncies if i would to program them and what are they for the jerseyville area. i seen theres at lest 4 differnt trains that are around here or come through here. my other ? do the police/fire/ems have special Fequncies...
  15. T

    Scanning FW via Android phone

    Anyone scanning in Fort Worth area using a scanner app for Android phone? I am currently using "live audio" via radio reference and am only able to get FW Police Disp. Unable to get Fire or EMS. I am thinking of getting an Android phone and am curious if the scanner apps available for Android...
  16. SCPD

    Police Monitor

    Hi all! I have released a new app for Windows Phone 7.5 called Police Monitor. The link to the app is http://www.windowsphone.com/en-US/apps/7fdbc02d-a38f-4af1-be0d-804b3fbef684. This release is the first and I plan to offer more features soon such as the ability to add your own streaming url...
  17. S

    OPP Scanning

    I have a Uniden Bearcat 235XLT Trunk Tracker Scanner. Am I able to scan the OPP frequencies with this unit? If so Could someone point me in the direction for doing this? Thanks
  18. C

    Programming the BCT8 for State Police Frequencies

    Hello, I just bough a Uniden BCT8 Scanner so I can listen to state agencies as well as State Police since I have friends in the state police as well as an interest to listen to all the stations. I've programmed my UHF/VHF handheld radioshack scanner a while ago but just got this one in and...
  19. Y

    Help please-Hum despite Ground Loop Isolator

    I am new - and recently began providing feed from Marquette County, MI. I really think the scanner feeds are a great idea as I have listened to scanner 24/7 since age 16 in my job as news reporter. Big problem is a hum in feed. Thought the Radio Shack ground loop isolator would fix problem. It...
  20. C

    Incident in Stillwater this morning?

    Moved to breaking news