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    We've noticed a huge increase in rants and negative posts that revolve around agencies going to encryption due to the broadcasting of scanner audio on the internet. It's now worn out and continues to be the same recycled rants. These rants hijack the threads and derail the conversation. They no longer have a place anywhere on this forum other than in the designated threads in the Rants forum in the Tavern.

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  1. Homeboys-Scanna

    POLL: SDS100 Predict Most Likely Uniden Repair Campaigns

    The usual pattern over the years with new product offerings is, everyone's excited, oh gotta have it, can't wait. Right? But then we start getting the first units and there's bugs. So if the SDS100 ends up having a "repair campaign", what do you think will be the most likely reason?
  2. gr8rcall

    Election 2012 Official RR Presidential Poll

    Election 2012: "Vote" For Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. Discuss why you picked who you did too! My vote goes to Romney!!! Sincerely, Gr8rcall
  3. Tryton

    Which Stream would you like?

    We will be losing a very dedicated Feed provider here in Pinellas County, Klentathu. He will be leaving the state at the end of February, and he is taking his feeds with him :) He was running the Pinellas county Sheriffs office, Saint Petersburg PD, Pinellas Park PD. When we lost the Fire and...