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port authority

  1. N2SCV

    Port Authority Backup Channels

    Last night @ 1am Holland and Lincoln Tunnel units were told to go to their backup channels. I punched in their old freqs and have a wildcard on the Edacs system and heard nothing.
  2. gonzalu

    Port Authority Frequency?

    Picked this up with Close Call on the GWB this morning... 452.3875 dcs 412 Trying to figure out what it is... Licenses show PANYNJ as a potential but not sure. Chatter was surveillance related but unclear if it was GWB security or Police Enforcement etc. Thank you
  3. A

    Port Authority Police Radio Concerns

    An article in the fox news website revealed that Port authority police share there radios with other agencies. Is this true? I don't scan port authority much so I really don't know how they operate. "The union representing Port Authority police officers claims its officers are at risk...