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power supply

  1. O

    Kit needed for Wouxun KG-UV950P base station

    On a whim, but with the vague aim of getting into Ham Radio, I bought a WOUXUN KG-UV950P 50 Watt Quad-Band CB Radio: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00J67F0YO/ Although I think it is intended for use as a mobile radio, I'd prefer to set it up as a base station if that is feasible. But...
  2. V

    Regulated DC Power supply issue

    Hey y’all. Need some advice. Bought a Calrad 13.8v regular,aged power supply on eBay. Hooked it up to my Bearcat 980 & did diag test on volts & was getting 16.5v on it. Of course it said fail!! I am wondering how or why the supply would do that? I was under impression that “regulated” ment...
  3. D

    Electronic hum from power supply

    I'm sorry I'm sure theres answers out there but I'm having a hard time finding them. My speaker buzzes a little and when I transmit others hear it on the radios on my power supply. The power supply is rated for what it is doing, I think the capacitors (i think) just aren't so great. I messed...
  4. sepharious

    Power Question

    Hi all, New to Ham radio. I'm trying to figure out how to distribute power from my power supply. What do I need to be able to do that? I have a 20A Pyramid. I moved up from a 12A Pyramid, the one that had the car lighter port on it. I'd like to find a better one though, that keeps the car...
  5. J

    Astron terminals

    We have several Astron switching supplies in our public safety network. They all have the 12V terminals with a hole and set screw. The slot in the set screws breaks off making it impossible to either tighten or loosen, in spite of grinding down a screw driver that is a perfect fit for the hole...
  6. W

    IC-R71A Negative Voltage Supply

    My Icom IC-R71A was having some 'strange' problems, and I've traced one problem as the negative ten volt supply on the 'Matrix Board' being inoperative. Failure of this PS is noted in the Icom troubleshooting guide as affecting the audio output and S-meter. So, I have disconnected the...
  7. K

    Problem with Yaesu FP-757GX power supply

    I've been having some difficulties getting my Yaesu FT-757GX radio working. My latest problem seems to be an issue with the power supply. I had successfully setup the system and made a few contacts on 80m. Then, I decided to try my hand at some CW on 10m. In the middle of a transmission (just a...
  8. M

    Power supply suggestion

    Wanted to pick your brains and get suggestions for an inexpensive power supply for a part-time shack? Currently using an 2-meter RS HTX-212 which manual states requires 10 amps continuous Most likely will only have or need enough amps for (1) transciever Cost will be a major factor since my...
  9. A

    Power Supplies?

    Greetins, I am looking at picking up a power supply for a FT-897D and would like some feedback on what's good and what's not for what's available. My parameters are 13.8volt, 30AMP (20 continous), with meters. I have read many reviews on QJE, Jetstream & Alinco's flavors and I am just not...
  10. P

    Icom 706 Shuts down

    So I have a Astron 30 Amp power supply and a 25 amp Power supply. When the Icom 706 is connected to the 30 amp power supply the radio will shut off when the power setting is above "3" The volts on the power supply decrease to around 6 and the Icom will shut off. When I attach it to the 25 amp...
  11. G

    Pro-2006 power supply issues

    I have a Radio Shack Pro-2006 still in excellent condition, but I now have an AC power hum, especially on AM channels. My guess is that a power supply capacitor failed after all these years. Has anyone else come upon this and, if so, have any ideas regarding which capacitor(s) or other...
  12. LukeB

    Power Supplies

    I am looking to see which power supply to buy (manufacturer, # of amps, etc.) I am extremely new to the power supply arena so I know very little. What manufacturer do you suggest? I am trying to calculate how many amps I'm going to need. I am looking to power about 6-7 radios (scanners, 2...