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  1. I900D658

    bcd436 hp gps

    gents has anyone had any issues with there gps hookup. i can,t seem to get mine to work again, it did work and then it quit. i had a problem awhile ago and ended up changing the gps cable and it worked, so this time ii bought a new gps cable and still won,t work. the plug for the gps puck it,s...
  2. UPMan

    BCDx36HP: BCD436HP / BCD536HP Repair Campaign

    Please see the following link for details: BCDx36HP Repair Campaign
  3. R

    Federal Correctional Complex Tucson

    I'm not able to monitor FCC Tucson since I switched from my 396xt to the 436hp. Any help would be greatly appreciated from my fellow Tucson people. I live 2.2 miles away from the complex, so I imagine its just a programming issue that I am overlooking. Thanks in advance!
  4. J

    Oregon DOC?

    Hi everyone! Hope Spring finds you all well. I am trying to dig up some talk groups for Columbia River Correctional Institution or maybe Inverness Jail (MCSO). I have found a MCSO talkgroup called Corrections but never hear anything on it. Searching and searching has yielded nothing. I know...
  5. S

    MN Department of Corrections

    The MN DOC went live recently. Cant seem to find all the info on each of the facilities. Anyone out there have any of this yet for the 800mhz ARMER system? Found the freq's and the list of alias's, but no talk group ID's or anything else. Is this info out there yet. I have a Radio Shak Pro-106...
  6. N

    Chippewa Valley Correctional Treatment Facility

    Anyone able to hear this one? I'm trying to figure out if I programmed it correctly.