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pro 106 vs home patrol

  1. F

    Pro 106 can I search a new Digital Ch. And ID

    Walterboro Police Has moved to a new system I'm trying to find them. Colleton Co. has moved and/or is moving all of there VHF/UHF systems to 800 mhz off of the Palmetto 800. I'v tried but can't seen to do it. Can you guys help me?
  2. A

    Just bought a Home Patrol, but thinking of getting a Pro-106 before 30 day return

    Hello, I would like to first introduce myself as a newcomer to scanners, as its taken a while for me to save enough money for a good scanner. I also recently acquired a job at Radio Shack which of course grants me a discount on most items (partly just to get myself a scanner ;-) ). After months...