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pro 107

  1. P

    Pro 107 IScan Software

    I bought my scanner at Radio Shack about 3 years ago and it was the last store model. The box only had the connection cable, no software. Now I want to update the database but without the software, you can't do anything. Every thread on this subject all has been bogus or deactivated. If one...
  2. A

    ISO: Original I-Scan Library for Pro 107

    If someone could copy and email it to me I would be grateful. I need the earlier library not the recent update. Thanks ashleyhiott @ gmail.com Remove spaces
  3. G

    Do I need a Digital Scanner

    Hello and Good Day! Yes, I am new to Radio Reference.com and radio communication. I work at the El Paso Times and have been advised to monitor the police scanner, to be on the look out for any news worthy material. Thought the Times has a couple of police scanners, the one at the office is old...
  4. S

    OKLAHOMA, TULSA rebanding/trunking issues

    Tulsa Oklahoma/Pro 107: My radio was programmed with the software and radio reference a few years ago. I was able to receive TPD/TFD radio frequencies, conventional and trunking. Special tactical channels etc. Everything. Then I noticed in the past few weeks, it was receiving less, mainly just...
  5. B

    Pro 107, 164

    I live in Boca Raton and recently purchased a pro-107 to listen to local Boca PD/FD and PBSO/FD. Turns out the people at Radio Shack have no Idea what they are talking about because 2 Scanners later (They just sold me a pro 164) Boca is a digital trunking network!!! WHAT RADIO SHACK SCANNER...
  6. W

    Pro 107 rookie

    Since Pearland texas PD rebanded late last year I have not been able to rx brodcast. I have since purchased a Pro 107. I installed the iscan sofrware and did the updates for the software, firmware and, liberary. Sent latest library to my sd card. When I browse all I can find for pearland is a...
  7. lorddavid25

    Pro-107 iSCAN Download Available

    Good Day, If anyone is in need of the iSCAN Software it can be easily download. I myself needed the free software when my disc was scratched and I couldn't load it on a new PC. Ive posted it on my server with a short disclaimer. So Here it is and I hope this helps the people who need it. I...
  8. V

    Dead Spot in Washington County?

    I'm using a RS Pro 107 in Forest Grove that gets great reception for Fire & Rescue but extremely minimal for PD (which is what I want to get.) I can see officers talk on their radios and still not anything on the scanner. I've tried making smaller playlists and updating the software/SD card...
  9. drkatzjr

    Pro-107 Help

    I have several scanners, one of which is the RS Pro-107 (It is the iScan Trunk Tracker) in which no programming is essentialy required. You select a state, system, and you are ready to go! Could not be better for vacations, and those who have problems programming some newer models..that...
  10. carddude99

    pro 107 vs uniden home patrol

    OK, I know that the pro 107 covers more frequencies and the home patrol has apco 25. I live in Seattle with an airforce base in the vicinity but not close. I know the home patrol covers nfm. BUT, what would you hear? I am sure they do not (The military) let you hear most stuff. So the...
  11. I

    KCMO PD - can't recieve broadcasts...Pro-107

    Disclaimer: I am relatively new to wireless radio comms but I understand all the concepts (talkgroups, trunking, etc.) I just purchased a RadioShack Pro 107 (trunking scanner) and I receive comms from OP, Lenexa (I believe), Raytown, etc, but I live in middle KC and I am not getting any comms...