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pro 162

  1. W

    Radio Shack PRO 162 / Tacoma, WA - Public Safety

    I need some help programming my pro 162 for Tacoma Washington fire and police.
  2. Z

    scanner freq steps.

    couple of questions for you guys==== I just puchased a used pro-162 , and was entering some freqs for putnam county, FL. one of the freqs was 154.2125 which my scanner rounded up to 154.2150. I understand my scanner has steps but should i even bother programming freqs that have this (off step)...
  3. kel415

    what's wrong with pro160

    Reading around in most forums I see most scanners made are talked about but never see anything on a pro160. (unless I missed it) I picked up one from RS for 99.00 and was wondering if I should have. Seems to be working fine, was just wondering
  4. djoelmyers

    HELP! Pro-162

    I purchased the pro-162 and took it to radio shack. They hooked it up to their computer and programmed it for me! However, Its not picking up the 800's.. It does the 100's but not the 800's. The 800's are in bank three: BANK 3: CH0: 866.20000 CH1: 866.75000 CH2: 867.45000 CH3: 868.13750 CH4...
  5. D

    Programming in the SCPD trunk system

    I'm not sure where exactly to post this as it covers a bunch of topics. I'm new to scanning, and I'm trying to learn how to program in different channels. I've got the RS Pro-162, and I'm using BuTeL's ARC 160 to program it from my PC. I've entered the listed frequencies for the SCPD MOT II...