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  1. N

    Pro-163: Trunk scanning help.

    I own multiple Pro-163 scanners and all were programmed by the same person just over several months but after not using one for about 2 months i plugged it in and set it to scan. It scanned for several minunets not picking up any traffic on my trunked frequencys that my other scanner was...
  2. colinzim

    Pro-163 Ottawa EMS EDACS

    Sorry I am very new. Can the Pro-163 be programmed for: Ottawa Public Safety Trunking System, Ottawa, Ontario - Scanner Frequencies System Name: Ottawa Public Safety Location: Ottawa, ON County: Ottawa System Type: EDACS Networked Standard System Voice: ProVoice and Analog Last Updated...
  3. T

    my own little shack

    not as good as everyone elses but i dont have much room so made it my 3 comps one labtop 2 desktops ones linux thats what runs my stream Ubuntu 10.04 labtop and desk top both are quadecores my big ones got 14.5 gigs the linux ones only got 4 gig but all i need for linux enjoy and if you have...
  4. RadioGuy1951

    CA law Trunking

    I got my first scanners capable of rebanding (Pro 163 and Pro-164), and have updated the firmware... While I've been very familier with conventional comms for a very long time...trunking is new to me... I looked in the database here, and while all I want is LAW, FIRE, FORESTRY & EMS, what I...
  5. jassing

    Scanner choices... too many.

    I'm not new to scanners, just not a technogeek (Positive term here) in radios.. I just enjoy it... I've had a Pro-2026 for years. been more or less happy with it; it has served me well (love the small size). The other night; I got irked about not following trunk'd transmissions and decided to...
  6. M

    PRO-163 Trunking

    After setting up the pro-163 for trunking, I only seem to receive static and/or the "motorboat" sound when scanning stops on TGIDs. I've done extensive reading and believe the scanner has been setup correctly manually. I also programmed another bank using the win97 software thinking perhaps i...
  7. B

    Direction of ST-2 antenna

    Hello, I currently listen to a RS PRO-163 that is linked to a Scantenna ST-2 mounted to the side of my house. I do monitor the Mass State Police 800MHz Motorola trunking system with this setup, and many times the reception quality is quite poor and full of static. I live approx 45 miles from...
  8. W

    PRO-163 Driver Sofware Nightmare :(

    I bought a a Pro-163 scanner, and I also got the USB cable/driver utility disc to go with it in an attempt to make my life easier. I'd like to program it before I give it to my husband as a gift. My only problem is the USB cable doesn't work, and I just can't figure it out. I put in the CD-Rom...
  9. Kimberfortyfive

    Pro-163 Firmware upgrade error, Please Help!

    Hello, Here is my issue: I've downloaded the 1.07 Firmware update and have attempted to run it but every time I get an error stating "Unable to communicate with scanner". I have verified the Com port, tried it with Win97 software and it works and made sure to hold the PGM button as I turn the...
  10. gmclam

    How do I correct this display

    The picture below shows the LCD display of a PSR-400 which has the text reversed. Sorry for the glare on the display. I programmed 2 of these scanners, new, with the same programming and they had no issues. After running for about a week, one of them has this reversal. I've read where...
  11. John_Burgdorf

    Thinking about getting a Pro-163

    Hey guys (this is my first post! lol) Anyway. I have a handheld pro-164 scanner from RadioShack. The battery life is just about 5 days and I have rechargable batteries for it. I also have a cord that plugs into my car's cigarette lighter that powers my scanner. I am thinking about using my...
  12. L

    Pro-163 Scanning Program

    I just bought a PRO-163. I'm afraid I am over my head. I want to program the local frequencies (Clarkston, Michigan). In the past, I have been able to go to a pawn shop and buy a scanner and manually enter the frequencies. Should I manually enter them or try downloading them? Which is the...
  13. K

    Radio Shack Pro-163 Scanner

    This is one of my first ever owned scanners I have it programmed with Police, EMS, Fire Freq. I can't understand the Trunking System (talk groups or something) I'm sure SC uses Motorola Type II radio systems. I can make it show the talk group ID number sometimes for Motorola, but could anyone...
  14. phallout2000

    pro-163, 20-047 cable and ARC300 program

    so i have installed the drivers and tried to use this software, with and without the optional 3 inch cable provided. the cable instructions say it must be used for this model scanner. the drivers are registered as com6 with the correct drivers. but the ARC300 software will not read from my...