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pro-164 trunking

  1. FallenAnjel

    Pro-164: Not picking up trunked, no control channel

    I just bought another Pro 164 on Ebay. I have a Pro 164 for 3 or 4 years now. The tuning adjustment inside broke and I can't tune it anymore and I stopped receiving trunked transmissions. I downloaded ARc300. Downloaded freq's from old Pro164 to Arc300. Added a few more frequencies...
  2. G

    How do I load WSP with ARC300 programmer?

    Hi all, I'm new to the programming part of this. I have a Radio Shack PRO-164 that had firmware v. 1.04 so I updated it to v. 1.10 and it lost all programmed frequencies even though it said it would not. I got ARC300 to program with and upgraded my membership here and put most everything I...
  3. delta57

    Midland Texas PD and my Pro-164

    I own an BC-245XLT a Pro-164 and an HP. Mostly listen to the HP and use the others for aviation and other conventional. My daughter is a new MPD officer and so the wife's interest in listening to MPD is now high (which means she wants to carry the 245 or the 164 with her). I used ARC 300 to...
  4. M

    Pro-164 Trunking Question

    Got a new Pro-164 over the holidays and using the trial ARC300 software for now - at least until I fond out what the "best" software would be for this scanner. I am in the West Des Moines, IA area and wanting to scan the local PD, FD, EMS, and air traffic as well as the Midwest Amb. talkgroup. I...
  5. K

    East Orange Police Trunk

    I have a Radio Shack Pro-164 and i am having problems programing east orange pd which is a motorola type type 2. This is how i have it programed into my scanner. M000MO 471.3000, M001MO 476.4750, M002MO 476.92500, M003MO 477.20000, M004MO 478.72500, M005MO 478.92500, I also entered all the...
  6. T

    Need Help with Pro-164

    Hi, I am in Sacramento County, CA. I can program a radio but a scanner is a whole need breed for me and it's my first. I have a PRO-164 and I need to program the trunking system. I have the all the frequencies (including the the rebanded) 16 in all, and also the talkgroups ids that I want...
  7. Hellzabeth

    Just saying hello!

    I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong with the trunking programming for my Pro-164. I have read SOOOO many posts and articles on the web. I think I'm getting closer, but have no idea why I cannot seem to trunkscan those yet. I know I need some sleep and maybe...
  8. R


    OK, I took my Pro-164 to RadioShack and they programmed it for the Wichita area in about 30secs. I am only scanning block 4 which has the Sedgwick County trunk in it. My question is, after someone talks it starts scanning again and I don't hear the response, is this how it is supposed to work...
  9. E

    Programming Help on PRO-164

    Hi All, I am completly new to trunking and need programming help. I have a PRO-164. I need to program Carroltion Public Safety. Radioreference Link:Carrollton Public Safety Trunking System, Carrollton, Texas - Scanner Frequencies (I need to program only the "addison" part, not the...