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  1. C

    Pro-18: No P25 Reception on Pro-18 DSP V1.3

    I have had a Pro-18 for about two years and it had been working fine, or so I thought, anyway. Recently my local law enforcement agency switched from EDACS to P25 and disappeared from the air. I checked the pages here and found out about the conversion, downloaded the latest database, and made...
  2. adams_jb

    PRO-18 Sound Quality

    Good Evening! I have recently purchased a PRO-18 scanner to run a local scanner feed and am having problems with the quality of the audio. The audio is very garbled; I have tried making adjustments to the settings with no change. I am monitoring the Charlotte, NC P25 system (particularly...
  3. A

    Problem with screen of Pro-18 while scanning

    I have a RadioShack Pro-18 issue. While unit is scanning the screen has a garbled mess of various characters. I posted a pic. When it locks on to a frequency it stops and shows what is playing. No issues in menu just while scanning.
  4. Haley

    Pro_18 Back on Overstock for $79...Hurry!

    Pro 18 $79.99 Not sure if anyone is interested but overstock.com just added the Pro 18 today. It's only $79.99, I keep thinking it's pretty tempting a that price. Mike
  5. P

    How to Import .gr5 pro197 data to pro-18??

    Thanks so much for reading this. I have a completed program list for my 197 and now i need that exact thing on the pro18. Cant find anyway to import the .gr5 file. I converted to CSV and cant find way to import that file. All I can find is on a talkgroup tab is import and it looks like...
  6. LostnFound

    Using EZScan with the RS Pro-18

    So I've been playing around with my new Pro-18 and having no luck being a CDN using the included software iScan, not only is it older and version 1.02 but has no CDN channels so I downloaded the PSR-800 EZScan software and didn't have luck with yesterday but today I did. So here is what I did...
  7. W

    Help! My Pro-18 screen frozen How to reset?

    I have a Pro-18 and ws doing an update until it froze. Even if I take out the batteries all night, it is still frozen and cannot get it to turn off. There seem to be no reset button. I have searched for hours to find a way to do a hard reset to no avail. If anyone can advise me, it would be...
  8. J

    Awin issues

    I have a pro-18 useing the iscan software that came with it, when listening to awin the transmissions cut out like the radio stops transmitting I live in jackson county the closest awin tower is at oakland but I dont get any transmissions from it. The ones I get are from independence county...