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pro 197 help

  1. D

    pro 197 - i don't know what i'm doing

    i'm yet another computer tech who has been given a pro 197 to program channels into. this customer wants me to program 8 local channels into her scanner, and didn't provide me with the manual. when i looked up the manual (both the standard one at radioshack.com, and the easier to read one at...
  2. G

    Newbie Needs Serious Help

    I just bought a Pro 197 and have updated it to the latest version. I am using the ARC500 software. I have also purchased the PSREdit500. I would like to listen to Dak Cty Emerg, MN Hwy Patrol, Apple Valley, Burnsville and other police/fire. For some of these questions, it is; Do I need it? Or...
  3. N

    Need help programming a RS Pro-197 Dogital Scanner.

    Have a RS Pro197, and RS cloned it with one of their demos. Am picking up Safe-T and Clark County Ind., and I am guessing some State police. I live in Floyd County, Ind. and cannot pick up any of New Albany or Floyd County Transmissions. Also have a RS Pro 95 and it quit picking up their Radio...
  4. K

    Vermillion Area

    I recently got a pro 197 for Christmas, and I can't get anything around the Vermillion area. But when I was at my parents in Sioux City, it was non stop traffic on the Iowa side. I have the radio shack cable and software for it, and I was using the RR data base and downloading through that. I...
  5. B

    Pro-197 Programming Help Please

    Hi to all, just bought the Pro-197 for my dad as Christmas gift, I also purchased the Arc500 software and USB programming cable. Straight out of the box, I downloaded the USB drivers and my conventional channels, screwed up on the second try with the software and did not get the trunked...
  6. M


    I can not program this unit.I had a heap error and fixed it now I can not see what freqs I downloaded from RR using Win 500 it tells me nothing enabled to scan. I tried every thing I could try to upload or download and I have no talk groups listed on scanner. I also noticed that when I look at...