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  1. V

    Pro-197 Programming Trunking

    Im new into the 800 Trunking. i just picked up a pro-197 scanner from radio shack, I have all the frequencies that I need Fire,Ems,and Police wise. However, I don't quite get how to program the 800 trunking part of it. Im using the ARC500 software. Do I need to program the 800 frequencies...
  2. M

    Hendricks OPS Channel Issue

    I have a PRO-197 Digital Trunking Scanner, I have Hendricks County Fire/EMS loaded into my scanner. All channels worked perfect for the last several months, however for some reason now I am only getting Dispatch, EMS, Fire, and Med Channels. The OPS channels are no longer working... Any idea why...
  3. J

    RS Pro-197 Programming Issues

    Hello All, I just got a PRO-197 scanner as an early X-mas present! I was so excited when I got it home last night and started programming it. I am running into 2 problems though, even though I have been able to program a few frequencies on my own. I cannot get any software to interface with...
  4. I

    I need an expert! Scanning for dummies! Help

    Ok, so I should start by saying that I am brand new to all of this and i have very little idea of what I am doing. I need someone who can give me very simple step by step instructions. I live in Indiana. I am a member of the Radioreference site and am a premium subscriber. I have downloaded...
  5. WX9RLT

    What lovely setup I have ;p

    Well heres my lovely shack Feedback welcomed :) I am running a Scanner ~ Pro-197 RS digital scanner Software ~ Scanner Recorder Pro and for the feed I run Scannercast and also RadioFeed I have a paper with all the 10 codes, so if I forget a code, all I have to do is look at the sheet.
  6. JamesPrine

    Monitoring NOPD

    Hello all! I'm currently based in Ponchatoula, and am interested in monitoring the New Orleans Police Department on LWIN with my PRO-197. I am not allowed to erect a base antenna and am restricted to the issue antenna that came with the scanner. I programmed in the Hammond, Pam Am, Kenner...
  7. G

    Can one software program both RS / UNIDEN ?

    I'm using a trial version of software that came with RS usb adapter for RS 2096 digital scanner. I would like to have ONE SOFTWARE PACKAGE that will program the digital trunking scanners such as RS PRO-197, PRO-2096, UNIDEN 396, Uniden 996T , GRE 600 etc.. Is there a full featured programming...
  8. Suddath

    PSREdit500 New To This

    I'm new to the Digital Scanner world and don't have a clue to what I really need to program the P25 type groups. I have a Pro-197 and am going to listen to the TVRT area commincations. I was woundering pro/neg thoughts on the PSREdit500 software. Its looks like something I could understand. Thanks
  9. J

    Pro-197, Win500 and Ohio MARCS

    I have a Pro-197 that I have programmed with my local (Lake County, OH) trunked radio system and talkgroups, conventional freqs but when I load the Ohio MARCS I get no voice. It shows a good signal but no radio traffic for any Ohio State Patrol District 4 posts. I have programmed MARCS into...
  10. W

    PRO-197 + Louisville P25 - Help!

    So... I took the leap and bought a digital scanner yesterday. I went with the R/S PRO-197. I can track conventional systems like a gem. (It's actually AMAZING at it.) But... when I go to the digital side of things, thats where my problems start. I've never done the digital or trunking stuff. I'm...
  11. E

    Win500 Not Recording and Logging all transmissions, only a majority

    Hello! I am using Win500 v1.94 on a Windows7/x64 based system, and it's working great! One thing I have noticed, however, is that when scanning and recording all stations that are being heard, Win500 does not always record every conversation. I have tried this with a Pro-106 and a Pro-197...
  12. U

    Are the Pro-197 and Pro-106 the same radios?

    Just curious, does anyone know if they are the same radios in different forms? Or does one have something that the other doesn't? John
  13. P

    need help with stopping Scan List number on display

    Hi there... I am not sure if this is a SCANNER question or a WIN500 question, but I'll ask here first. I am setting up my Mom's new Pro-197 for the first time. I think I have about everything functioning and am pretty comfortable with navigating the menus in Win500. Anyway, when the scanner...
  14. P

    Pro-197 (GRE-600) programming setup help?

    Hello. I feel very stupid asking this question. I am not totally ignorant of scanner programming, as I have successfully programmed via software my Pro-96 using Win96 by Starrsoft. When my Mom bought a Pro-197(GRE-600) and asked me to program it, I thought i should be able to do it with no...
  15. Bote

    PRO-197 mirror characters on display

    This morning my PRO-197 showed every character on the display mirrored. The words still read from left to right, but each character or number was mirrored. At first I thought I was still asleep, rubbed my eyes, but the characters were still mirrored. WEIRD! I took some photos for posterity to...
  16. Sinister

    PRO-106/PRO-197 CPU 1.7 Firmware Upgrade

    CPU 1.7 firmware Release Radio shack has released the CPU 1.7 firmware upgrade for the Pro 106 and Pro 197. The current RS site links are not formulated properly, but the firmware is able to be downloaded. I have downloaded and installed it to be sure the upgrade worked before I posted this...
  17. H

    Pro-197 Looking for experienced programmer

    I'm looking for an experienced programmer of a Pro-197. Being familiar with Westmoreland County, PA would be a plus.
  18. mattaio

    Pro-197 software

    Good day, I've picked up a Pro-197 and have been surfing the forum looking for thoughts on which software package to use for programming it. Cost is not an object, so if anyone would like to chime in with more thoughts, it would be appreciated. Many thanks... mattaio