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  1. H

    RR Black Hawk County SARA - PRO668 - ISCAN Issue

    No more RACOM simulcast of Black Hawk County law enforcement. I'm trying to download the SARA Network System directly from RR to my RS Pro-668 but I'm not hearing anything in Black Hawk County. For two days I've tried several different settings but can't figure it out. This is my first time...
  2. B

    Pro-668: upbootver:rf1.1 screen frozen

    Earlier today my other half calls me while he is out on a VSP wreck call...he'd noticed that his scanner wasn't putting anything out,where normally it's constantly fed thru our rollbacks speakers. Upon inspection he finds the screen with the upbootver:rf1.1 there. Removes the batteries and lets...
  3. som

    Trouble hearing anything in St. John Parish

    Hey, all. First time poster here with a question. I live in LaPlace and I'm using a PRO-668. I think I've got a pretty good handle on it, though I'm still learning some of the intricacies. My question is this: I've programmed in and can hear several of the nearby agencies on the LWIN system...
  4. H

    EZSCAN ISCAN Trunking P25 HELP!!

    I just can't seem to get the hang of how to do this manually and get it to work. I need someone to please walk me thru the basic steps and help identify why I'm having so much trouble doing this. What I'm trying to do is simply program the local police that patrol in my neighborhood and area...
  5. H

    Programmin DEC HEX code into scanner ws1080

    I'm real new at this, just purchased the Radio Shack pro-668 which is the same unit I believe as the Whistler ws-1080. I did the automatic programing by entering your city or zip code. Works pretty good but would like at add a group specifically for the police that patrol my neighborhood and...
  6. Joseph11


    I'm having a little trouble fully understanding how the DSPLevelAdapt setting works on Whistler's PSR-800 based scanners. The Easier to Read Pro-668/PSR800 Digital Scanner and EZ-Scan/iScan Software Manual states that it "controls how fast the DSP adjusts to varying P25 levels. Lower values...
  7. G

    PRO-668 Stuck on Logo Screen

    My PRO-668 Handheld Scanner is stuck on the logo screen. I've updated the scanner's CPU software (uP BootVer: RF1.1, uP App Ver: RU2.4). I've installed a new SanDisk microSD card; formatted the card with SDFormatter and RadioShack PRO-668 Programming System software. Using the RadioShack PRO-668...
  8. Muffin

    Pro-668: Upgraded software to come?

    As anyone with one of these scanners is aware, there are several systems that the PRO-668 just isn't capable of monitoring (where other scanners are). ie: GE's Pro-Voice, Motorola's TRBO, ICOM's NXDN to name a few... Has anybody heard if there will be any kind of software/firmware upgrades...
  9. C

    Software for the pro-668

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone out here knows where I can download the i-scan software? I deleted from my computer and now I can't reinstall it from the scanner. I think I may messed up something seriously. Is there a way to get just the i-scan sd card. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. L

    Pro-668: Anybody in Tucson, AZ. to help me use the PRO-668 ??

    I need help badly programming my PRO-668 into separate playlists, monitoring specific talkgroups only, etc.. You almost need a college degree to learn how to use this piece of crap !!!!! DEFINITELY NOT "User-friendly".This is the worst handheld scanner I've ever owned & this is my 3rd..Back in...
  11. X

    Pro-668: Issues Updating CPU firmware on Windows 10

    I'm having an issue trying to update my CPU firmware on windows 10. I've tried uninstalling the drivers, reinstalling a few times and just repeatedly attempting the update but every time it says "No data recieved from the scanner. Please restart this process (Mode)." I know how to spell...
  12. A

    Pro-668 and Harris County, TX P25 reception ends

    I am new to this forum and radio coms in general, so please bear with me. I have had this RadioShack PRO-668 for a couple of months, and when I purchased this thing right out of the box I gave it my zip code and was receiving all of the trunking frequencies under the sun. I am also using the...
  13. marine_hm

    Sold my Pro-106, looking at Pro-668 good or bad?

    Anyone out there have some feed back as to if they like the 668, if not why? My area (28540) went to P-25 Phase II. I sold the pro 106 for $150.00. Seemed like the going rate. Now I'm looking to upgrade and have been combing over whether or not the 668 do the job. I liked being able to easily...
  14. N

    PRO-668 screen protection

    I had read a review that said the screen was very easy to scratch. So I found an unused screen protector in my junk drawer (Halo brand I got off ebay) that was made for my smartphone. I cut it down to the right size with scissors, and applied it right after I removed the factory plastic from the...
  15. N

    PRO-668 Can't update DSP since USB can't find scanner

    Brand new pro668. Software installed on Win8.1 without a hitch. Followed the instructions for DSP updates by turning off scanner, plugging into USB, telling software to check for update. An error message pops up saying the scanner cannot be found. I CAN see the drive on my computer, though...
  16. M

    North LA County EDACS Question

    I recently purchased a RS Pro-668 to prepare for LAco's phase II migration. So far I can monitor the test stuff and the day to day pretty well up in the SCV with the stock antenna LASD Access is quite busy. However the analog EDACS stuff I am not hearing at all. I have the radio programmed...
  17. dstew67

    DSP settings for ATL P25?

    Is there anyone who is willing to share their DSP settings for Atlanta's P25 system, who owns a Pro-668/GRE-800/Whistler-1080? My BCD436HP has been doing fairly well with this system, but the Pro-668 isn't. Right now, I have ATT on, DSP Level Adapt = 56, ADC and DAC are both set to 0. That's...
  18. B

    PRO-668 Not receiving digital

    I purchased the RS PRO-668 a few days ago and have not been able to receive any digital systems. First thing I did was entering my zip code (97322) and it populated just fine. It loaded the SW7 talk group but I noticed a few missing freq, So I updated everything using software preloaded on the...
  19. muskrat39

    If your 668 card is corrupted

    If you have Iscan installed on your PC, follow these instructions Remove the batteries from the scanner Insert the SD card Connect the scanner to your PC Open the Iscan program Under the “Scanner/SD card” tab select “Prepare scanner memory/SD card for use”. In the “After Format Options” screen...