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  1. G

    Pro 93 decoding issue

    I have been using a Pro-93 for a couple of months now, but recently it has been having difficulty reading the EDACS control channel. I can hear the control channel with no static (before this started happening, it would even decode the IDs with moderate levels of static); however, now it will...
  2. N

    Need help, pro 93 wont scan anymore

    Hello, ive had my 93 for about 1 week now. It worked fine for 3 days then for some odd reason it stopped scanning all my channels. It wont even scan the pre programmed police/fire or ham bands. Ive tried initializing and a manual reboot. Nothing seems to work. Can someone please help.....
  3. P

    PRO-93 the "old fashioned" way

    Hey All, and thanks in advance for the help, I've reprogrammed my PRO-93 this morning with Davis County frequencies each 15 lower than the old frequencies, and it's not working. When in trunking mode, the scanner seizes on the control channel 852.83750, flashes familiar talk group IDs for...