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pro 96

  1. R

    Radio Shack Pro 96

    I have a Radio Shack Pro 96 that is not working. Anyone have any recommendations as to where in Phx I can take it to get repaired? Prefer not to send out to get fixed. Thanks, Rchjr
  2. T

    OKWIN (P25) Bandplan table

    P25 Phase 1 Hello all, I have an old Pro 96 that I needed to update to listen to OKWIN(P25) system in Tulsa, Ok. I am using ACR96 software and have loaded the P25 system in the scanner, but I pick up nothing. I have tried different options in the software to try to get it to work but I have had...
  3. K

    Pro-96: Anything to help reduce Pro-96 Chirpy

    Good day. The scanner is about 80% good and about 20% chirpy. I loaded reband table with little improvement. Is there anything I can do or is it time for a new scanner? I would still like to hold on to the Pro-96. Pro-96 had a great run for me. Bought it when it first came out. So, first...
  4. D

    Pro-96: Replace Red Screw

    Hi I have been having issues with my pro 96. It first started with not receiving signal. I took my scanner apart and seen that the antenna came unsoldered so I resolder it back together. I still didn't get signal so I started messing with the red screw. turned it on and it started receiving...
  5. P

    No Wildcards please

    Hello All, Pete from Detroit here with my first post. I have a Radio Shack Pro 96, and am trying to listen to the local police and fire, ONLY. I used the copy of Win 96 that i bought to program the sites for my location, and all of the talkgroups that I want. Unfortunately I am getting a bunch...
  6. D

    PRO-96 Chippewa County MI Trunked

    Hello I am new here and have looked around trying to get my scanner to pick up the Police freqs I can pick them up off and on but not all the time. I added all the control channels for the eastern U.P. and still nothing. Please any help would be great.
  7. N1GAW

    PRO 96 Software

    Just recently started using a Pro 96 scanner and love it. Using Win96 for programming and Pro96Com to log the P25 Trunked VIPER system in North Carolina, But can't seem to find logging software for it for other non-P25 trunked systems. Can anyone please help? I'm interested in the Wake County...
  8. F

    Radio Shack firware pro 96 ??

    I recently saw a listing on Ebay for upgrade boards for Radio shack handheld scanner that shows "Firmware Pro 96" but the listing says that they fit the Pro 70? I was wondering if any one knows if these are in fact for the Pro 96 model that I have?? The seller really has no clue. Can anyone help...
  9. S

    Pro 96 question

    How far does the pro 96 range go
  10. S

    pro 96 digital scanner programming

    i programmed york county Pa fire dept talk groups into the RS pro 96. I used the program from radio reference. and a computer and i dont pick anything up., Any suggestions? Mayland and other PA counties work except York county.
  11. D

    Itasca county simulcast

    I have the control frequency (852.75) programed in my PRO-96. The problem is I can't hear anything on it, I live about nine miles away from the tower and I have an 800Mhz antenna.
  12. F

    Yet another Pro-96 issue

    So I dropped my Pro-96 last evening about 2 1/2 feet to an asphault ground. I shut the scanner off, and it turned it back on. All the channels re-appeared, and but no audio. I removed the batteries, and turned the scanner back on, but now I have no screen, or obviously audio. Anyone have any...
  13. PatrickBW

    Problem with PRO-96

    I picked up a used Pro-96 and I have had many other scanners, but was forced to buy a new one due to rebanding. At any rate, the scanner looked good and powered up just fine. No frequencies were in the scanner so I couldn't test that out. When I did enter frequencies, the unit would not scan...
  14. don8051

    Pro 96 vs Pro 106

    OK i have the Pro 96 and i order the Pro 106 will it do everything the Pro96 does and more that's the way i see it. should have it next week So should i keep my Pro 96 i have a chance to sell it for 200.00 ? any one see why i should keep it
  15. W

    Feedback When Plugged In

    Hey guys, I just got my feed up and running, however I noticed some really bad feedback. Through process of elimination I have figured out that my scanner being plugged in is the cause. Using batteries I still have some feedback but it is much better. As soon as I plug in the AC adapter the...
  16. S

    How To: Charge your batteries in the scanner without the yellow holder

    If you don't have a stand alone battery charger for your extra rechargeable batteries, or you've lost or broken the yellow battery holder, you can modify your radio to recharge your batteries with the black holder. Remember, don't plug your radio in if you're using alkaline batteries in the...
  17. 4phun

    PRO 96 and BC396T for sale this weekend $495

    I have two digital scanners I am selling as a package this weekend. The price is $495 for both. A new BC396T runs around $500 by itself. The PRO 96 digital scanner is from 2005 and used to be my favorite scanner because of its ease of use and loud volume. The PRO 96 comes with nothing extra and...
  18. txffemt13

    Pro 96 Power issues...

    I got my hands on the Pro 96 when they first came out. For the most part, I have been happy with it. The clip on the rear of the scanner did break about a year ago. I finally bought the cable and software to program it to. Now, the scanner will no longer charge or work on a/c power due to a...